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Boeing partners with Microsoft to bring the latter’s Azure suite to its planes

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Well, Microsoft’s Cortana AI is reaching new heights — quite literally too — as the company has penned down a deal with  Boeing to move the latter’s suite of digital aviation offerings over to Azure.

Yes sir, Boeing is collaborating with Microsoft, resulting into a partnership which will see the former’s extensive portfolio of digital solutions transferred to Microsoft Azure. This will enable the company to solve business challenges by becoming more adaptive, innovative and intelligence-driven.

Through its integration with the Cortana Intelligence and Azure IoT Suite, Boeing hopes to be able to improve commercial aviation by deploying techniques like predictive aircraft maintenance, fuel optimization, airline systems and even the overall cabin passenger experience — bringing Pilots, Ground staff and even stewards into the loop.

Speaking on the topic, Andrew Gendreau, the director of advanced information solutions in Boeing’s Digital Aviation division, said

Boeing is working together with Microsoft, a leader in the technology space, to bring innovative operational efficiency solutions to global aviation customers.

While adding that together Boeing and Microsoft will be bringing new, innovative customer solutions to market.

Believe it or not, airlines use up some major number crunching to stay afloat. Also, in this data driven age, they also have huge, truckloads of information that needs to be sorted out and studied in order to produce proactive solutions. Using AI will obviously improve the processes leading to better margins in what is essentially a business with very narrow profits.

Globally, airlines spend about $700 billion on operating costs, and there’s about $700 billion in revenue.So airlines are a very competitive business with profitable but narrow margins; leveraging data and analytics not only improves performance and experience, but willgive airlines a chance to sustain profitable growth.

By integrating Microsoft’s intelligent suite with its planes, Boeing will open the doors for a bunch of benefits.

Imagine a system connected to the different parts of a plane through sensors that is capable of proactively warning you about routine tasks such as maintainence, that can schedule pilots with unnerring accuracy and much more. The potential for the use of the technology is quite huge.

Although there are certainly going to be people worried about the closer relationship between airplanes and information technology. No tech company is infallible, as hackers have shown in the past. And you wont fancy them going to work while you are up in the air. However, both Microsoft and Boeing take security very seriously and wont release anything until being absolutely certain.

Meanwhile, we will still have to wait for some time before this partnership comes to fruitation. So don’t expect any paeticular changes, the next time you sit on a dreamliner. However, Microsoft and Boeing expect to come up with more concrete results by the year end.

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