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Facebook to make it easier for users to plan and go to events together

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After being firmly established as the largest social networking platform in the world, Facebook is doing all it can to make sure that the platform surpasses the capabilities of mere interaction and messaging. Along the same stream, Facebook is now introducing a brand new feature that will let users plan and book tickets for upcoming events through its app and website.

Facebook already has several handy little integrations for event and their organizers. Separate pages for events can be created and people can mark themselves as interested or going to a particular event. They can check out which of their buddies are going to be there at the event. Another button can sometimes let them purchase tickets by directing them to a third party website.

However, this time around Facebook is making sure that its integrations go deeper and let people decide and purchase on the spur of the moment, without needing to go anywhere else. Towards that end, the company has partnered up with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster to provide direct entry to single tier, general events in the US.

Speaking on the topic, a Facebook spokesperson said,

In our research, we’ve found that some of the top reasons why people don’t go to an event are because they found out about it too late or they didn’t know who else was going. In addition to giving people meaningful social context around events they might consider attending, this pilot will allow people to make ticket purchasing on Facebook easier and faster, especially on mobile devices.

Along with ensuring that all the ticket booking process can now be completed on Facebook itself, the new integration will also make form filling considerably easier — which is yet another pain point. We have all been there, one moment making up our mind about going to some event when the sight of the long form made us flop back and laze on the couch instead.

So that process is being shortened as well. When using Eventbrite, your payment information, name, and email address will directly be provided by Facebook, saving you some hassle. And since Facebook has those nice and safe with it, you can sign up for as many events as you want in a jiffy. Simply confirm you willingness to attend the event, maybe tap a couple of times and thats it. Users will also be provided with a QR code directly within Facebook to make it easier to access their event passes.

With Ticketmaster, things are pretty much identical except that users wont receive a QR code and will instead be directed to another website to collect their tickets.

Speaking on the integration, Eventbrite vice president of product Laurent Sellier said,

We are committed to innovation that helps organizers sell more tickets. Meeting consumers where they are spending significant time online and then enabling a seamless purchase experience for them right there and then is an important step in this mission.

And lets not forget the probability of incresaed Facebook engagement in the future, thanks to the pilot — assuming it to be succesful. Along with using it to book tickets, people are also likely to discuss events and chat with others going to the same place — basically increasing the amount of time apent on the platform.

While Eventbrite has denied any revenue share with Facebook, the company will benefit through other means. We have already named user engagement but also in Facebook’s lot will be a large amount of user data which could be converted to profits in a whole multitude of ways. I mean, Facebook will have information about which of its consumers pay and for what kind of stuff — understandably very useful in its advertising attempts. And who know, once it knows which users like to go to what sort of events, it may find companies willing to share profits as well.

The programme is available as a pilot for now and has been limited to the US.

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