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India’s first video analytics startup Vidooly creates brand new tool with Mediashare

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Yes sir. India’s maiden startup attempt in the field of video analytics seems to be doing pretty well. After attracting laurels and acclaim thanks to its unique business model, Vidooly has launched a brand new tool in collaboration with Mediashare.

Titled ‘Kyve’, the tool will provide a platform that will let brands and advertisers keep track of the online viewership count for their videos.

The tool will also form a crucial part of the core Mindshare-planning framework in India. As such, the collaboration acquires even greater significance, considering that it will bring a company of Mediashare’s size into a mostly unexplored niche in the country.

Moving to Kyve itself, the tool is basically meant for analysis purposes and uses an adaptable content model that leverages Mindshare’s own reach as a major in the field of advertisement and communication.

Although we keep calling it a tool, Kyve is more of an online video data science platform for advertisers and brands that will let them receive deep insights into the viewership habits of their target audience. Understandably, this will also let them understand viewer’s consumption habits and help in creating content that is more engaging.

Speaking on the new tool, Subrat Kar, CEO and co-founder of Vidooly, said,

We are thrilled to partner with Mindshare, one the most well known media agencies, to introduce Kyve to the Indian market. Kyve is a joint effort combining Vidooly’s video analytics technology along with Mindshare’s expertise of new and emerging media.

With this platform, our aim is to be the go to tool for any brand or advertiser who wants to execute an online video campaign effectively and yield an optimal ROI. We believe Kyve will be a game-changer in digital video marketing.

The folks at Mediashare seemed to be similarly excited at the prospect of the collaboration with Vidooly. Prasanth Kumar, CEO, Mindshare South Asia said,

In an adaptive world it is important to track genres of content that is popular with users. The ‘Kyve’ tool is the first of its kind to track the user journey of online viewership and develop a video strategy that is weaved into the consumer conversation.

We at Mindshare are hopeful that ‘Kyve’ will redefine the way brands advertise and are certain that our partnership with Vidooly will take us places in delivering quality services to consumers.

Mediashare — in case you are unaware of it — is a media giant with its network spread across almost 90 countries. The company is particularly prominent in the Americas and the European continent and has vast operations with billings in excess of $31 billion.

Mediashare is a part of GroupM, which in turn is a subsidiary of WPP, the world’s leading communications services group. The fact the group M oversees the media investments portion of WPP is probably the icing on the cake for Vidooly.

The company, among other things, deals with the advertising and marketing portion for various brands and multinationals. With the increasing influence of online videos in the country, these campaigns often involve some video content or other as well. As such, the importance of a tool like Kyve, is quite obvious.

Millennials in India have transitioned from watching traditional TV to online videos, and consume content anytime, anywhere. Video platforms have been major driving forces behind the rise in original online video programming

And Kyve will let both Vidooly and Mindshare keep track of the happenings on these platforms.

Meanwhile, Vidooly is a less than two year old startup that offers a host of services to companies interested in data generated through Video analysis. The information generated by Vidooly can range from video tag suggestion to best time to upload, search rank analysis, competitor tracking, subscriber behavior analysis, influencer collaboration and on and on.

The company has been hard at work since its inception and sees almost 120K videos are uploaded every month through it’s own network.The latest partnership along with the all new tool, are bound to add to its growth curve.

Meanwhile, Mindshare will also take away a lot from the partnership. The new tool will let it identify the pressure points and enable it to source partners and influencers with the maximum impact and outreach. The company will be able to further enhance its effectiveness by using the platform to measure audience spillage and take the success of any given campaign into account.

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