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Nike launches three open source projects on GitHub

nike open source projects
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Gone are the days when high-tech software and modern technology were limited to few tech based companies. As technology invades almost every part of our lives, traditional companies are also looking to take part in this race. Joining the bandwagon is Nike which has recently launched three open source projects on GitHub.

Nike has not made any official announcement yet. TechCrunch spotted the projects and reported the development first. One of the projects is that of a JSON parsing framework Elevate, which leverages Swift to make parsing simple, reliable and composable.

Then there is a distributed tracing solution for Java called WingTips based on the Google Dapper paper. And the third project is a lightweight logging library called Willow written in Swift programming language. In addition to these, Nike has also open sourced its own code which runs its website.

Nike — as you’d know — is not the first traditional company to carry out such initiatives. With the penetration of technology in all kinds of modern businesses, many companies commonly share their tech projects on GitHub.

This also includes close rival of Nike, Adidas as well as companies like Walmart Labs, Target, and Best Buy. The basic motivation behind these initiatives is common, though. And that is to engage potential tech employees who can see opportunities in such non-technical companies as well.

Moreover, technology is cool you know, especially for the millennials and Generation Z who are prime customer segment of Adidas and Nike. So such initiatives also help in improving the brand image of these companies among their customers.

One could say that Nike has always been a frontrunner when it comes to incorporating and engaging with its customers through technology.

For instance, it has 10 iPhone apps and two iPad apps on the App Store. Furthermore, the company has dedicated an entire website to developer APIs for Nike Fuel. Similarly, retail giant Walmart also boasts of three iPhone apps in addition to an open product catalog API.

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