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Here are the specs, the HTC built Nexus Marlin is likely to come with

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So Google’s next Nexus smartphone, the Marlin, is around the corner and like all good samatarians who also happen to love technology, we just couldnt wait to tell you what its gonna look like. So we have combined information from various sources and managed to come up with a very likely picture. Read on.

First of all, lets get the more obvious stuff that we already knew or suspected, out of the way. Marlin is being built by HTC and is likely to pack a Quad-core Qualcomm processor along with a 5.5″ display size. The device is touted to feature a QHD AMOLED display.

Now, from what we have been able to gather, the device will also feature a USB-C port and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner — Take that Apple. Camera wise, you get the expected 12MP rear/8MP front combination that lets you take respectable selfies as well as normal pictures.

The rumour mill has put the battery size at somewhere around 3450mAh, which while good, is slightly away from being absolutely great. Meanwhile, the new Nexus is likely to feature the HTC special, bottom-firing speakers that formed the USP of many of its flagship phones, including devices in the desire series.

As far as the processor is concerned, we are quite certain that it will be a Qualcomm snapdragon amd personally, i would bet upon it being an 820. Which would be good news as the 820 has shown itself to be a capable, won’t-burn-hands piece of engineering — unlike its predcessor the 810.

Unless ofcourse, the device is used to debut an even more advanced chipset to the market, which would be awesome.

Interestingly, the new Nexus may also let go of the 64 GB variant and stick to the simpler 32/128GB model options. What’s more, the other Nexus model, the Sailfish, is said to be quite similar to Marlin except for the respective sizes. If true, it would mean that Google has decided to join the bandwagon of companies releasing multiple devices with the same specs but different sizes.

We saw the strategy succesfully used by Apple with its iPhones and various Android manufacturers are adapting it as well. So you basically have a device suitable for all those who are willing to trade larger screen size for convenience and vice versa.

So yes, there you have it folks. Assuming what we know or guess about the upcoming nexus to he true, and it probably is — just a matter of how much — we are looking at a decent device. Not too flabbergasting or something that blows you out of orbit, but decent enough. In which case the price and more importantly, how do the price and specs conpare to other smartphones in the market, may play the deciding role.

Meanwhile, we will keep bringing you all the latest updates on this. Stay tuned fellas!

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