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Facebook launches Save and Share extensions for Chrome; redesigns Social Plugin buttons

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Facebook is not content with what people are saving or sharing within its own network. It wants to further peek into your online behaviour outside its network. Towards the same objective, it has now released two new extensions for Chrome browser- Save and Share. And it has also redesigned its social plugin buttons- Like, Share, Follow, etc. for a cleaner, more recognizable look.

Let’s start with extensions first. Facebook wants to improve the web experience of users through these extensions. The users can use these new extensions to directly share or save any web page to Facebook.

Explaining the reasoning behind the same, the company says,

Sharing and saving great content are two things that people love to do when browsing the web. Improving this experience for people drives greater engagement and distribution of content for sites and keeps visitors coming back for more.

Normally, people need to copy and paste a link outside Facebook into a new Facebook post to share it within the network. And if one looks at it closely, the Share extension is merely saving that few seconds of using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (and perhaps hogging memory space of your already slow system).

But still, Facebook believes that the extension will help people connect with each other through sharing things that matter to them. It will also give them more options to share any link on the web with their friends to Facebook, Groups, and Messenger.

Coming to the save extension, the feature is quite like Pocket or Instapaper extensions for Chrome. These extensions allow people to save any web page for reading later. Facebook save extension will put any web page which you are browsing into your Save list.

Facebook already has Save for Later feature which people can use to save any posts from their NewsFeed to access it later. It claims that over 300 million people are using that feature every month. The save extension will extend that feature and people can save any web page from the internet to their Save list.

However, one cannot really compare its functionality with that of Pocket (which I can personally vouch for) or Instapaper. Both extensions allow web browsing junkies to access their saved content from multiple devices even when they are offline. For now, Facebook’s save extension cannot do the same but it remains to be seen if people can actually see the utility of it.

Redesign of Social Plugin buttons

The company has also announced a revamp of its popular buttons like Share, Like, Follow, Save for Later. Especially the Like button is getting a major change. Till now, it carried a Facebook “f” logo but Facebook found that “thumbs up” button was more popular among people.

After it did some tests, it found that “thumbs up button” resulted in 6% more engagement of users. While that may look like a tiny number, it has convinced Facebook to switch the Like button from the Facebook “f” logo to the thumbs up icon.

Moreover, one can now choose Like buttons from different sizes for mobile and desktop. It has also refined the design and look of other buttons by bringing color consistency, a flat button design, and Like and Share counts within the button.

In addition to above, Instant Articles publishers can also add Like, Comment, and Share buttons to the bottom of their articles. They will be able to see interactions with these in aggregate Like and Share counts.

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