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‘Uber India has intentionally failed to comply with the laws of the land’, says Ola’s latest submission against Uber

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More of Ola v/s Uber. Days ago, Ola had acquired the license and necessary permits from Karnataka government to operate within the state, giving it a temporary edge over Uber — which does not posses the same. However, Ola wants more, and has hence filed a vague sort of submission in courts, against Uber.

The submission accuses Uber of running its business for profits without any regard to local laws. Folks at Ola also feel, that Uber was showing ‘a complete lack of business ethics’ by operating in such a manner.

Notably, Uber had filed a petition in the Karnataka government questioning on the relevancy of new rules for online aggregators. These rules came into effect in April this year. These new rules mandate online taxi aggregators to comply with certain conditions. These conditions include maintenance of a minimum of 100 registered fleets, capped fare, installation of panic buttons, GPS Tracking systems, and physical meters with printers in taxis.

However, Uber expressed its inability to comply with these rules calling them redundant and regressive in nature. It had filed its petition in the court to fight the same. And now Ola has filed its submission questioning that very same petition by Uber.

Ola allegations against Uber

Ola alleges that the petition by Uber is “motivated” and filed in an attempt “to bypass the laws of the land by foreign companies who run their operations in India for profit without due regard for applicable laws.” So yeah, if you haven’t figured it out already, Ola is the new law enforcer here — or at least it wishes to be.

It has accused Uber of continuing its operations despite the warnings from authorities. Ola has also particularly questioned two Uber’s services — Uber Commute and UberMoto.

The petition mentioned that Uber was running its bike taxi service UberMoto with white number plates in Bangalore for over three months. This is despite the fact that authorities had impounded around 120 of such bikes.

Uber continues to offer such motorcycle-taxis (with white number plates) on its platform in Gurgaon, Haryana, despite the fact that the competent authorities have issued a public notice in this regard.

said Ola’s counsel.

He further alleged that authorities had served two other notices to Uber to warn against illegal services. However, Uber continued to provide illegal services on its platform.

Uber India has intentionally failed to comply with the laws of the land and is responsible for multiple violations in several jurisdictions.

read the submission.

Earlier, Uber had also accused Karnataka Transport Department of not accepting its license documents intentionally. However, according to Ola, Uber had not complied with requirements, hence the rejection.

Meanwhile, Uber has not replied to these allegations. Karnataka court will hear its petition in the court today. But the fresh new allegations by its rival have further made the road tough for Uber in India.

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