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Microsoft sued $10K over its shifty Windows 10 update policy

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Microsoft has been bothering its users time and again with its convoluted update schemes. First it was free updates, then it was nagging notifications and finally, we came down to various persuasion tactics that included irritating popups and the like. Well, the company is now finding itself face to face with the fallout from the same.

According to the Seattle times, a small business owner has managed to sue Microsoft and obtained compensation of $10,000 from the tech giant. The case opens up the doorway to fresh trouble for Microsoft with chances of a whole bunch of new lawsuits along the same lines.

Teri Goldstein, who works as a travel agent and understandably, is heavily dependent upon PC usage, was left system bereft, after an unauthorized update left it slow and crash prone. She said,

Nobody ever asked me if i wanted to update.

That pretty much sums it up all.

The agent has received the sum of $10,000 as compensation for lost wages and towards the cost of a new system. Apparently, Microsoft was first considering appealing against a case but later decided to drop it to avoid the further court charges — and perhaps the infamy — that would have undoubtedly resulted.

Microsoft had it coming to be honest. The company, in its goal of reaching a billion devices had gotten a bit too persuasive. In fact, many 7/8 users had updated their systems simply to be rid of the irritating recommendations. However, not all systems are suitable for 10 and as Goldstein’s case showed, many devices went into error mode after the update.

Well, Microsoft had until now avoided having to hand out compensations. The recent case is rather like a hornets nest with tge potential for some serious damage. That Microsoft has paid out compensation may be an indication of the fact that it is well aware of the seriousness of the situation. However, Microsoft can not really be expected to hand out money to everyone.

Redmond is probably looking into its legal options at the moment and hopefully, will have learnt its lesson of not using excessive force in achieving the 1 billion device goal.

I mean switching the behaviour of the red button so that it accepted the upgrade instead of cancelling it? C’mon Microsoft, you don’t need to be quite that desperate. Meanwhile, Microsoft has issued a e-tutorial for  disabling the update — not following which may just lead to an auto update. Hopefully, the company will improve its policies in the near future.

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