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After Google and Apple, now Facebook launches slideshow feature

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If you have been following the happenings of major technology platforms of late, you may have noticed a rather interesting phenomenon. A new feature by one, is almost certain to be followed by similar features from others as well. We noticed yet another instance of the same when Facebook followed Google and Apple to launch its very own Slideshow movie maker.

As the name implies, the Slideshow movie maker can be used to create beautiful, effect-rich slideshows from your plain old photos. The app takes them up and arranges them, adds some effect and voila!

The idea of movie makers have caught traction in recent times with people incapable of shooting straight, coming up with their own videos. We first had Google Photos, which originally came up with movie making capabilities, followed by Apple’s launch of memories, a month ago. However, now that the feature is finally out, you will be suggested to use it whenever you take more than 4 pictures, or visit a friend’s Slideshow.

Using the new app is pretty simple too. Just pick a theme and the pictures you want featured, and you are done.  Facebook says that it wants users to create shows that will depict the main theme of user pictures and bring them outside.

Picture are obviously a very important medium — Facebook has Instagram to illustrate thd point. However, the images are just so perfect on Instagram. Slideshow will be deploying images that are perhaps a bit more rustic, but that when added with all the music and effects, help create beautiful stories out of your personal moments.

In case you have taken 5 or more photos in the last 24 hours, Facebook’s algorithms will automatically do the job for you. However, if there are less than 5, you can acess the feature and create your videos by clicking try now. The feature will be launched on the iOS facebook app within the week.

Meanwhile, Slideshows will also give Facebook, something to counter the growing influence of the likes of Snapchat with. The importance of pictures as a mode of communication has been steadily increasing and Slideshow, with its attendant features, should give Facebook an extra push in the direction of projecting itself as a video first platform.

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