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HP launches another Chromebook, Upgraded specs at $189

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In its ongoing attempt to provide consumers with the next “it” device for their computing needs, HP has launched a brand new Chromebook. The Chromebook 11 G5 is here and folks, it is pretty damn awesome.

As with HP’s previous avatars of the Chromebook series, the new 11 G5 lays a lot of stress upon the theme of a lightweight, sturdy, carry-it-anywhere computer that can prove to be particularly useful to students and professionals.

The 11G 5 device comes with a 11.6-inch touchscreen and weighs a mere 2.51 pounds. The device is powered by a Celeron N3060 processor that along with providing significant processing power, also contributes towards enhancing the battery life which lasts anywhere between 11 to 12.5 hours depending upon the usage.

Moving to the design, HP has slightly departed from tradition and introduced and upgraded chasis that is both thinner and lighter than its predcessor. However, no compromise has been made with its toughness and the G5 with its Gorilla Glass screen is more rugged than ever.

However, even lighter than its weight is its price tag, which is quite surprising at a mere $189. The new price tag should definitely open up more avenues of sale for the company as buyers other from the niche chromebook customers — which include students amd professionals — attempt to explore the new relatively genre of computers.

Interestingly, the increasing internet penetration has also seen manufacturers doubling down upon Chromebook — which are heavily dependent upon the web for the exploitation of their full potential — production. HP’s latest offering for example, comes barely 2 months after its last,  Chromebook 13 release.

The new 11 G5 will be released through HP partners in July, with store availability expected near October.

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