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Twitter launches mega feature, say hello to 4sq-powered location based tweets

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Amid growing competition from Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has unveiled a trump card it had hitherto been hiding preparing up its sleeve. The company is launching an all new, location feature that will let users see tweets from a particular geographic location.

Yes, you heard us right. Twitter’s latest feature will let its users receive tweets from a specific place, including businesses, sports stadiums, music festivals and so on. The feature is powered by Foursquare, which will be providing precise location identification for the feature.

Foursquare will in return be the recipient to a host of advantages associated with Twitter, including branding, linksback, and the chance to improve its own database. Twitter on the other hand, will ofcourse be the party getting the most out of this relationship.

Reports of a partnership between Twitter and Foursquare came as  early as 2014 and the companies officially announced the deal in March 2015. However, the actual plan took almost a year to materialize and surprisingly, the company launched it without the fanfare you would expect to accompany such an upgrade.

Here is how it works. When you tap a specific location that has been tagged in a tweet, you find a brand new feed in front of you that will have addditional location based features, such as maps of the city or locality. In the new feed, you will be able see a tab of tweets from the place of your choice, with an additional option of checking the media from there, through another dedicated tab.

So lets say there is a club match taking place in Santiago Bernabau. Simply tap the place and you will find yourself at the receiving end of tweets from the stadium which very likely will give you insights into the match actually taking place there. I mean what do you tweet about when you go to watch football? The match ofcourse.

The above is only an example and can be extended to a whole variety of situations. With the extremely large number of people who are only too willing to tweet as soon as anything in the least bit interesting happens, chances are that Twitter may have created a huge, real time news sharing network.

Meanwhile, specific location tags will show up as “- at [the location]”. You can then tap them bring up a complete list of recent tweets also tagged with the same location. Twitter is also relying upon Yelp to supply it with data in locarions where Foursquare’s database isnt quite so exhaustive.

With the new feature, people can find real time news about virtually any place. Considering the amount of time Twitter has been around and the number of users it has — and the human tendency to carry their mobiles in the most unlikely of places — there are mighty few places on earth that dont have tweets associated with them. Organizing these tweets based on the places may just have provided twittet with a mighty upgrade that will give its users many more reasons to use the platform.

And lets not even go into the benefits to Twitter itself. Apart from the potential to drastically increase user engagement, the feature also has the probability of being used as the news network of the future with people receiving the real time views of other people who are actually at an event and thus able to give a live uptake on the matter. Football matches, protests, openings, celebrations, concerts, you name it and chances are that someone is already tweeting about it.

Well, Twitter may just have taken social networking to yet another level. The feature is rolling out to iOS users first and will be followed by other plarforms soon as well. Stay tuned and keep watching this space for more information on the matter.

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