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Microsoft helping new age Indian startups to develop SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure platform


Microsoft is keen to play a major role in the booming Indian startup ecosystem. It is particularly supporting new age cloud-based Indian startups through its public cloud platform Microsoft Azure. Today the company showcased some of its marquee SaaS solutions for enterprises and organizations, developed by these modern born-in-the-cloud startups.

These SaaS solutions range from technologies for offering better customer experiences, building intelligent infrastructure through cloud, local market on chat and talent management platform.

All solutions have been built on the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform that offers reliability and scalability. This allows these startups to keep pace with the rapidly changing customer preferences, hardware evolution and manage hyper business growth.

Speaking about the same, Harish Vaidyanathan, Director of Independent Software Vendor Programs at Microsoft, said,

Our strategy is to build best-in-class platforms and productivity services for a mobile-first, cloud-first world and we realize the pivotal role that startups, with their ideas and enthusiasm, can play in leveraging those platforms to create newer solutions. We are committed to partner with the startups and provide them with all means necessary to grow while helping India become a more connected and empowered nation.

Bizspark Plus and Microsoft Accelerator

Microsoft has launched multiple programs to support startups in the country, acknowledging the emergence of born-in-the-cloud start-ups. These new-age start-ups understand the possibilities and benefits of the public cloud and build their SaaS solutions on the cloud.

One such program is BizSpark Plus program that offers free Azure Cloud services to qualified startups to power their business. This program also provides free software, developer tools, and technical support to help startups be successful. To roll out this program, Microsoft has partnered with 13 startup accelerators.

Similarly, Microsoft Accelerator also works with mature and late stage startups, focusing on their core needs such as guidance on scaling up and customer acquisition. Close to 100 startups have graduated from eight batches of the Microsoft Accelerator program.

Who are these born-in-the-cloud- new age startups?

Some startups who displayed their cloud-based SaaS solutions with support of Microsoft included the following:

Ameyo– It offers an Omni-channel platform to streamline customer interaction across all conduits of communication. It has helped businesses increase customer conversion by 6% to 15%. It has also reduced cost of sourcing, lower churn and higher customer retention.

Vymo – It is a personal assistant app for enterprise sales or service teams focusing on schedules, routes, alerts and actionable recommendations. The app has helped increase sales productivity by 30% for one of the leading insurance companies in India.

FlamencoTech – It is a cloud solution provider that creates its own ‘services layer’ customization on top of various technologies that fulfill varied business needs of each customer.

QUSTN (Capabiliti) – It is a mobile-first talent management platform to recruit, onboard, train and assess frontline employees. It has helped companies improve employee engagement index by 65%, with new hires becoming productive team members in less than half the usual time.

Yellow Messenger – It is a universal messaging platform to Shop, Book, Order anything on Chat. The solution helps reduce marketing and support costs by 30% and increases customer conversion and retention by 20%.