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Instagram announces ‘Picked For You’, a feature which shows content based on your preferences

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It has been only a few days since Instagram announced reaching the landmark of 500 million users. Not one to stop too long to celebrate, the company today unveiled a brand new feature that will make the platform more engaging by bringing users some of the best videos from topics of their choice.

Yup. The explore tab on Instagram now features a Picked for You section that will bring you a string of videos that are based upon your personal preferences. And we are not talking about superficial preferences either. Oh no, Instagram is attempting to get down to the very core of what you like and show you stuff that relates to it.

So, lets say you like sports. Instagram’s algorithm has already decided that. But then, it will take some time to decide which sports you like in particular. And what do you like the most about that sports. So in case you are a sports fan who is in love with freestyle soccer, Instagram’s Picked For You will put up vidoes associated with soccer before you.

Other categories that will be available through the new feature include Oddly Satisfying, Cheerleaders, Dancers, Calligraphy, Softball Players, Cookies, Special Effects, Makeup, Comedians, Barbers, Candy Making, Cake Decorating, Ceramics, Acro Dancers, Comic Book Artists, Pitfalls, Fishing, Hair, Braiding, Gymnasts, Nail Artists, Kawaii, Hair Tutorials, Singers, Bakers, Makeup Tutorials, Ballet Dancers, Trickshots, Artists, Huskies, Freestyle Soccer, Makers & Artisans, Baseball Players, Under the Sea and Skateboarders.

As you can see, the categories are quite a mile apart from your run of the mill genres like cookery or sports or news. We already have those on every other platform and indeed, Instagram did sonething similar when it launched Videos You Might Like a while ago. However, the new feature promises to take things to a different, deeper level.

The company says that it can do this thanks to a remarkable increase of 150% in the time people spent watching videos on Insta, in the last six months. Thanks to this, Instagram has plenty of data available for analysis and it is putting it to good use by letting its algorithm study your personal preferences to handpick — or should it be processor pick? — videos for you.

With the number of users ot niw has, Instagram has no dearth of content. Using its algorithms to pick the most popular videos from channels it thinks you would want to see is a pretty great idea. It also has a team of human curators to help the algorithm and do the final picking for videos.

We dont even need to elaborate on the usefulness of such a feature. Users can get to content more easily making the platform way more engaging for them. Instagram gets more user time and becomes a more interesting place to hang around besides the news feed. And who knows, the company may someday use the new tab for advertising and marketing purposes as well.

The feature is rolling out in the US first. However, the company hopes to introduce it to other reigons across the globe soon as well. Interestingly, Picked For You also manages to underline the rapidly growing importance and influence of AI in our daily lives.

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