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Dropbox launches slew of new features, advanced sharing and more

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Dropbox has launched a whole bunch of brand new features in a bid to lure enterprise clients in greater numbers. The features, which include stuff like direct upload, are aimed towards helping corporations cut down on effort overheads while also ensuring seamless integration of offline and online documents.

Just in case you need a quick rundown of what it is all about, Dropbox is a file hosting service headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud and client software.

The service allows users to create a special folder on their computers, which is then synchronized by Dropbox so that the folder can be accessed through virtually any device, from anywhere. Files placed in this folder can also be accessed via the Dropbox website and mobile application. So yes, its a handy service, particularly for professionals looking to have their important files within easy reach.

Moving to the new feature  announced by the company, Dropbox has placed significant stress upon team collaboration and co-working. The company appears to be looking to enhance its enterprise appeal with the new features. As per the company,

We want to make that easier—whether you work on your own, with a small team, or as part of a big company. That’s why we’re introducing new productivity tools to simplify, unify, and secure your work

The company has significantly upgraded its document scanning capabilities and now, the Dropbox mobile app can be used to capture and organize scans from whiteboards, receipts, and sketches. Not only do the scans go directly to your dropbox folder — and are thus widely available — but business users can also perform searches directly inside the scans.

In case you have a suddent shot of inspiration you dont want to lose hold of and there are no napkins handy, just tap the plus button to create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files instantly from your mobile device. Whats more, the files will be saved to your Dropbox automatically.

Several changss have also been introduced to how images are handled by the basic users. Basic users will now need to connect a computer to your Dropbox account to enable them to better access, organize or remove photos from their dropbox. This has been done to avoid running out of the all too limited space available to the basic users.

Moving to the part of the update that deals with improving the team collaborations, sharing and saving of a file between devices can now be done without once resorting to the app or website. It can now be done directly through the desktop. Simply right click on the files you want to share and voila.

Another feature that has been introduced recently, is the ability to add comments to your document. Folks who have a rudimentary knowledge of programming have probably already caught on to the idea. For the rest, think of it as writing instructions or feedback in the margins. You can also give precise feedback by highlighting a piece of text or an image anywhere within a file preview.

Alright. So what else caught our eye? Well, the “Preview Older Versions” lets you jump right back to the older versisons of the file you are viewing. Using this, you can roll back any changes you may have made or recover files that are accidently deleted. Dropbox also lets you preview the previous versions before you roll them back or restore them.

Finally, the company has upgraded sharing, giving you much greater control over who and how you share stuff with others.

Our simple, yet powerful new sharing features give you more control. Now you can share a single filewith specific people, who will need to log in to see it. And withview-only access for shared folders, now available for all users, you can also let people follow along.

So that is about it. Dropbox appears to be attempting to convert more of its 500 milliom users into premium, paying ones. The company currently has around 150,000 users on its rolls that actually pay for the premium services.

Speaking on the new services, head of product Todd Jackson said,

The way we view our job is to take all this complexity that exists in real world and get to simple, that’s what separates Dropbox from other companies. We sweat the details, launching new features and products is just table stakes. The hard part is how you integrate into workflows and help make work simple.

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