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Celebrities now have a safer space to tweet with Twitter’s new app, ‘Engage’

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Twitter has invariably become the medium of choice for Celebrities and influential personalities to get in touch with their fans. However, every lamp casts a shadow and celebs on Twitter must be careful of what and who they tweet at. Also how do you track the effect your tweets are having?

To do all of that and to make the overall experience safer and more enhanced for famous personalities, Twitter has launched Engage, a brand new standalone app for influential Twitter users.

The app has currently been launched for the iOS platform and is aimed towards helping people with a large fan base interact with their fans and build an even larger following. The app has three different tabs each of which performs a very specific function. However, analytics is the section where twitter has really nailed it with the app.

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First off, you have the “Engage” feature that puts the most important interactions you’ve had on Twitter right in front of your eyes — assuming of course, that you are a celebrity . The tab includes mentions from users who are verified, followed by a lot of your followers, or interact with you a lot.

Next up is the “Understand” tab. The section displays high-level analytics for your posts, including stuff like impressions, views and so on. Finally, there is a “posts” tab, which displays detailed performance numbers for individual posts — Facebook offers something similar, but for everyone.

Engage does lack a timeline so it is not particularly useful for the wide variety of Twitter users. However, if you are one of those who would like to broadcast stuff without having to deal with the stuff other people are throwing at you, or if you are simply a celebrity  — Engage may do the trick for you.

Twitter certainly seems to have taken a leaf out of Facebook Mentions as well as Facebook Pages — managing to combine several good elements of both. While Mentions is available only to users with a verified celebrity account, Engage can be used by everyone — although, it is undoubtedly much more useful to celebrities. The application also brings deep analytics that will let celebrities comprehensively study the effect they are having on the virtual public.

To download and try out Engage now, click here.

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