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Sell.Do is an intelligent digital marketing solution that helps you completely refine your brand’s digital image

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Digital Marketing is estimated to grow up to 47.5% by the end of 2016. And while that figure may not mean much to you, what will mean a lot, is the fact that Google had a staggering $67 Billion+ in revenues in 2015, from its advertising business alone. And to no one’s surprise, all of Google’s advertising business is digital.

At the current rate, digital is expected to become one ­third of all ad ­spends in another 4 years and overtake traditional spends in the next 6 years. It has hence become imperative for modern companies to tune their digital marketing activities to increase the effectiveness of their sales, marketing and advertising campaigns.

Founded in 2010, Amura marketing is a new-age Indian brand, aiming to meet this need of companies through its disruptive technology solutions. These solutions enable companies to manage all their digital assets, empower them to execute programmatic buying of their digital media, optimizing and analyzing campaigns in real time.

One such solution by the company is its flagship product Sell.Do, which is on our reviewing list today.

The Platform

Sell.Do is an end­ to­ end marketing and sales platform which tracks consumer decision journey right from first ad impression to actual product sale. It helps companies to automate their digital marketing activities and gain maximum results from their marketing and ad campaigns.

It can automate and connect data from various sources ­ ad campaigns, user analytics, A/B Testing, CRM, mobile, social, website ­allowing marketers to draw real time insights, strategize, conceptualize and implement high impact campaigns within hours.

The Product

Sell.Do is a sales, marketing and an advertising automation platform which helps companies/ marketers track a customer journey right from first ad impression to purchase – tracking the ad interactions (which communications were shown to a user, etc.), website interactions (browsing pattern, history, enquiry, etc.), sales interactions (calls, chats, emails, brochures), offline interactions(store visits, etc.) until the final purchase.

Lead Management Dashboard – All the queries are managed on this platform

It is a platform to collate sales and marketing data and run analytics, predictive analytics and draw insightful reports. It ensures a 100% lead capture (with no lead loss), automated tracking of enquiries across online and offline campaigns, channel partners, affiliate portals, etc.

Detailed Campaign Report

With lead segmentation and marketing automation; Sell.Do customers can easily automate most of the lead nurturing activities; allowing sales teams to focus on closing qualified deals. With built­in cloud telephony, chat, email, and SMS integrations; it’s easier for companies to improve their lead response times.

The company is also coming up with an advertising cloud offering (currently in Real Estate Beta). It can enable SMEs to just define their product offering while the system analyses past campaign data to define the possible media (Google, FB, DoubleClick, Taboola), understand the target geographies,set up multiple versions of ads communications, run A/B tests on ad & web communication, and automate all the tracking and reporting.

It goes further and understands campaign goals(lead generation, outreach, optimized for higher velocity of end closures); to drive the right traffic and optimize their spends. With the advertising cloud – companies can leverage full power of their marketing and sales data; without getting deep understanding of all the ad technologies.

ROI Tracking for Specific Campaigns

The Process

Amura offers its SAAS products along with complete strategic and technical support. It works closely with clients to integrate the platform into their business process.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.43.00 am

  • Companies need to fill a form on the website of Amura after which a representative from the company gets in touch with them for further process.
  • The onboarding process requires no installation. A typical set up (with pre­defined industry workflows and processes) takes about 20 minutes.
  • With large clients the company typically first understands their requirements, business processes, various teams; their product offering etc. It then allows its strategic support team to present a plan.
  • With complex workflows, separate dashboards, customized reports – it typically takes a week to go live which is followed with further customization once the client starts using the product.
  • As the company gets very tightly integrated with their sales, marketing and decision making teams (sometimes even their ad­agencies); Amura ensures a proper training session with different stakeholders is set up. Training typically involves understanding of product, what process changes are required to work on the platform.

The Sell.Do Edge

Other digital marketing solutions in the market either work on the marketing side as an automation platform or as a CRM. Also, most upcoming ad tech platforms work with custom audience lists trying to build their own data around audience.

Sell.Do combines sales and marketing data to draw insights – a combined solution found in very few platforms. In addition to it, the advertising cloud offering aims to add business intelligence and automate to reduce the time to go live for digital campaigns.

Campaign Insights Report Client can see complete matrix of your current campaign is being built on top of Google, FB and other content marketing platforms (will be adding more custom media over time). In this way, it is leveraging their algorithms and improving on the campaign setup, creative optimization, and better analytics to optimize ads,media and landing pages.

The Tech

Sell.Do is built to be a sound scalable architecture platform with multiple checks for guaranteed uptime and backups. The technologies used vary from Ruby, JavaScript, Node, AWS, MongoDB, Redis. A lot of background processing with automated scaling of workers, helps Amura interpret and analyze constant inflow of data.


The system employs predictive analyticsto consider the interactions with customers, their weightages, the positive and negative impacts on the buying cycle and assigns leads with a valid score. Using the score it’s easier to predict hot leads or conversions.

All the data entered by the sales team is first sent to the processing workers who analyze data based on over 300+ signals. This results in intelligent actions which are then segmented and sorted based on their priority and then sent to the appropriate sales teams to act upon (assigning score to a lead based on past history, lookalike modeling and past data). This whole workflow engine is what forms the crux of Sell.Do and gives it the scale that it needs.

The system handles more than 1 million transactions on a daily basis. Sell.Do currently manages 35 million+ activities across all its user base.

Journey So Far

Since its launch, Sell.Do has consistently been growing business for its real estate clients by tracking, managing and accelerating their campaigns, leads and performance. The platform supports real estate developers by assisting in managing the entire customer journey right from click to closure,something that very few Indian companies can currently boast of.

Amura is a completely bootstrapped company, always relying on revenues to drive the growth. It has heavily invested its profits back into research and innovation which has helped the company to stay ahead of the curve.

The company has grown in last 5 to 6 years from 5 members to a strong team of 200. It has some of the best talent working across marketing, technology, creative, video, advertising, content and strategy.

The Road Ahead

In addition to real estate clients, Amura plans to expand heavily into new verticalslike Education, Pharma and BFSI to name a few. Apart from large enterprises, the company sees the strongest growth coming in from the SME sector in India. With the upcoming launch of their digital platform for SMEs, Amura expects to help them scale their digital presence and use technology to market and advertise efficiently and with ease.

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