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Instagram announces 500 million users, 300 million daily actives

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When Facebook acquired Instagram, a lot of people criticized the move as a failure. Social networking with just pictures? How is that possible, they said. However, Instagram answered all their questions, when it announced reaching the landmark of 500 million users today.

Yes sir, the photo-clicking, picture touting social networking website has reached over 500 million users. What’s more, the numbers have shown a hundredfold increase in a period of merely two years.

Interestingly, almost 80% of Instagram users come from outside the United States, which is somewhat surprising. This number has shown an increase as well, and the number has gone up from 75%. This doesnt however, mean that the number of US based users have  decreased. It merely means that the rate of increase abroad is greater than that in the US.

The Foreign Effect

Countries such as Japan, Germany, France and Indonesia in particular are responsible for driving this huge growth. You might like to take a couple of minutes to reflect on the fact that when Facebook acquired it in April 2012, Instagram had somewhere around 5 million monthly Android users.

Also, in case you are thinking that Instagram is just something that people pick up just once in a while to check, you need to think again. Instagram now has 300 million daily active users, putting it, if not on par, then at least in the race with most social networking giants including Facebook.

The new stats also mean that Instagram is now significantly larger than the likes of Snapchat and Twitter. While Twitter has less than 400 million users, Instagram is also almost double the size of Snapchat as well. As for why, well, a picture speaks a thousand words and Instagram folks, is all about pictures which transcend the barriers put up by languages.

Interestingly though, Instagram’s count of images shared per day has slowed down. While 70 million images were shared every day at 300 million monthly users. At 400 million monthly users Instagram saw 80 million images shared per day. However, at 500 million users the website is still seeing just 95 million images shared every day, significantly less than what they should have been as per the company’s previous stats.

The company announced the stats along with a short note thanking its users while also attributing its success to its ability to connect new and old users with interests like food and sports through the Explore feature.

Thank you for your creativity, your openness and your passion for sharing your worlds with one another. We can’t wait to see what you create next

The announcement also said that Instagram was doing really well in foreign countries.

Meanwhile, the time may have come for Facebook to consider utilizing Instagram as a source of revenue. Insta has already been making overtures in the directions and only last year it took several serious steps like building a marketing partner program, calls to action, extended video ads etc. The company more recently launched official business profiles with analytics and the option to turn your regular posts into ads.

However, the time has come for Instagram to be considered as more than just a bystander in the social networking showdown. Facebook Messenger may be the one stop for messages, however, Instagram is shaping up to be the thing for generation next. After all, it is much easier and faster to post an expressive picture than write a long, drawn out post.

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