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Facebook launches improved tools for branded content in Instant Articles

facebook branded content in instant articles
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Facebook is trying to encompass every set of users on its platform. And to do just that, it needs to take care of everybody’s needs — and that includes the publishers too. Thus, Facebook is introducing a slew of new tools to help brands improve Instant Articles. These tools will allow Facebook branded content to appear in a more engaging and less promotional manner.

Announcing the new changes in a blog post,  Josh Roberts, Product Manager and Andy Mitchell, News Partnerships wrote,

People have told us that branded content that is overly promotional is less engaging, so we’ve designed these tools to give publishers elegant customization and branding options for marketers within their Instant Articles.

Facebook introduced Instant Articles to let people read articles by various publishers without leaving its platform. It launched branded content this year to enable verified Pages to share branded content on Facebook.

Facebook Branded Content

Facebook defines branded content as any post including text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos, and Live videos, that features a third party product, brand, or sponsor. It is typically posted by media companies, celebrities, or other influencers on the platfrom.

In April this year, it launched a new tool to make it easy for publishers and influencers to tag a marketer when they publish branded content. Marketers can receive notifications, access post-level insights, and also have the option of sharing and boosting the post.

Now it has further improved those tools to allow branded Instant articles stand out from editorial articles. The new tools bring with it an option to add a new marketer logo, improvements in style editor and a customizable byline and kicker.

New Changes in Branded Content tools

  1. New option for Marketer Logo

    If a publisher identifies a third party brand, product, or sponsor in an article, Facebook can now pull a logo from the marketer’s profile picture and insert it next to the byline of the Instant Article. This log will appear below the title left-hand side of the byline. This feature is expected to roll out by late June 2016.facebook-instant-articles

  2. Updated Article Style Editor

    In order to give a different look to branded articles than editorial ones, publishers can now use new colouring, text, and spacing features from Style Editor. It also features a real-time preview tool that shows changes to publishers as they make them. These changes will be available in coming weeks.facebook-instant-articles-update

  3. Customizable Byline and Kicker

    Publishers can now highlight the name of a featured brand or sponsor in the byline using customization options. They can also add a kicker and customize the style and text within it. This feature is available to all publishers starting today.

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