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After SMS integration, Facebook rolls out a whole new Messenger interface

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And Facebook has continued doubling down and upgrading the features associated with its Messenger service. After driving nails into SMS’s coffin, the company is upgrading its user interface. Recent conversations will now be followed by stuff like Favorite contacts, friends birthdays and Active Now.

Here is how it works. Once you open up the recent conversations section on messenger, you will also see an Active Now section right below it, that will display all of your currently online friends in a list format. The list will basically act as a shortcut for starting new conversations with friends. Simply tap an active friend and chat away.

There is also a favorites section that will let you have the contacts you chat with the most, at your fingertips. Also included is a special — but unneeded perhaps? —birthday section that will highlight all of the upcoming special days. However, considering that Facebook already has a pretty insistent notification system for the same, we are not sure of the point of including it with the messenger.

The new sections can be accessed by a special “Home” button that on being pressed displays all the extra options. While the company hasn’t provided an exact schedule for the launch of the features, we expect the company to launch them worldwide, owing to their general nature.

Meanwhile, Facebook says that it is doing so to make messenger more engaging to users. Sure, having a list of active friends right below the ongoing conversations may just prompt you to messege one of them, leading to more time spent on the app.

With these updates, we’re aiming to make Messenger simpler to use by presenting more relevant information. We look forward to building even more ways to make using Messenger better in the future.

With 900 million and counting monthly active users, messenger is one of Facebook’s greatest assets. And the company wants to make sure it stays that way. Well, what better way to go about it than by adding interesting new features at regular intervals.

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