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Contentmart aims to disrupt the fragmented content writing space with its robust match-making algorithm


[SPONSORED] Content writing has emerged as the most popular medium to promote businesses in a cost effective manner through blogs, email newsletters, social media, etc., in past few years.

A look at top internship/job websites is enough to have an idea about the high demand of quality content writers by companies. And that is where the problem lies- companies need quality content writers who are tough to find in a vast sea of freelancers writers. Enter Contentmart.

Contentmart, as the name suggests, is an online marketplace of writers where companies can look for content writers for their needs such as blogs, email newsletters, press releases, etc. The writers are selected after an intensive screening process conducted during the registration process in order to ensure quality. The company was founded by Anton Rublevskyy in 2015.

Born and brought up in Ukraine, Rublevskyy came to India in 2013 and founded and However, having experienced the utility of outsourcing content online himself in Ukraine, he launched Contentmart to connect skilled writers and copywriters with clients in India and abroad.

The Product

For Clients

Companies or individuals looking for writers can register themselves on Contentmart as clients. They post their orders on the website and can receive bids by writers. They can go through the profiles of writers and can select any writer of their choice. They can check out reviews of the writer from previous projects and can also chat with the writer before they decide to give the project to him. Before assigning the project to writers, clients need to recharge their wallet and once they assign the project, the required amount gets blocked from the wallet. Once the writer submits the project and client approve it, the amount gets transferred to writer’s account. Contentmart charges 10% of the amount from writers as commission which makes up for its revenues.

For Writers

Writers who wish to register themselves on Contentmart platform have to undergo a screening process. The process involves three grammatical tests of beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. These levels show up on the profile of writers so that clients can choose writers as per the quality they need. Writers also need to specify a particular subject and language of convenience in which they want to write. Once they get approved, they can bid for projects which have been posted by various clients. Writers can also propose their own price for working on projects and clients can contact them to write for their projects.

The Tech

While there are several similar platforms for outsourcing writing, Contentmart, with its assurance of quality content and features like chat communication, screening tests, stands out as the most reliable platform to not only meet the writing needs of businesses but also for aspiring content writers. However, there is one feature which takes Contentmart to an altogether different level. And that is the support for different languages. This means that Contentmart also enables writers of other languages in additon to English- Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada. So many businesses who want to target regional readers through their blogs but find it difficult to discover writers can now easily do so on Contentmart. Given the internet expansion taking place in India and the huge demand for vernacular online content, this multi-language feature makes Contentmart an ideal place for regional writers and local businesses.

Journey So Far And The Road Ahead

Within merely 10 months of its launch, Contentmart boasts of more than 40,000 registered writers and over 35000 clients on its platform. There are over 7000 orders which have already been completed and these numbers are increasing constantly. Currently, Contentmart enables writers only from India even though clients from all over the world can make use of their services. In future, the platform will be open to writers and editors from across the world. The startup is bootstrapped at present with a team of 40 members who are present in Gurgaon and  Kiev, Ukraine. It is planning to raise $1 million in funding and is in talks with investors for the same.

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