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Google Fonts now has a better, updated website

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A web designer’s smallest yet the biggest worry ? Getting the right font. Period. Thanks to Google fonts though, that worry has been partially taken care of ever since its launch. The same platform though, just got better and is making it easier for you to find the perfect font, thanks to a swanky and redesigned Google Fonts Website.

The Google Fonts website has always been there and if you have ever looked for an online resource for different type of fonts, chances are that you have stumbled across it at least once. The portal offers a selection of over 800, completely free font families for you to preview, download and use in your own projects.

Well, the website has received a complete makeover. The new interface not only promises to make discovering fonts easier but also  makes the very act of browsing, a pleasure in itself.

In the new interface, each font previews in a dynamic grid that is able to resize as you adjust your preferences. You can also type your own text to get an idea of what it looks like in this font style or that. The website is also very responsive and works across different devices without a hiccup.

Testing your content with different types of font is quite easy too and you can watch the action unfold right before your eyes. Simply choose a font and type away to check out what your story looks like in Robotica, or Monotype Corsiva or any of the 800+ others.

Google has also added a nifty little sidebar that can let you filter and browse the library using options such as such as category, language etc. So if you are looking for Hindi fonts, simply use the sidebar to get all the available options displayed before you.

The website also offers you a choice of parameters such as thickness, slant and width to better accomodate your personal preferences. Once you find the font of your dreams, simply download it to deploy it on your system or use the code provided by Google to embed them into your very own website.

And the best part? You can license any of these fonts for absolutely free. So go on font nerds, knock yourself out with Google’s latest update and the fantastic new user interface.

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