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Global $10B+ internet deals, Microsoft’s other $1B+ buy-offs and what it owns post LinkedIn acquisition

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Its still in buzz. The one-of-a-kind, one of the largest ever, gargantuan $26.2 Billion Microsofts acquisition of Linkedin continues to make roars in the tech circle. The two companies see synergy in merging the leading professional cloud and network, driven by “a common mission on empowering people and organisations”.

In Microsoft’s vision for the future, Cortana, its voice-assisted personal assistant will be able to feed users predictive and personalised insights on a business prospect. We can also expect LinkedIn user data to surface on Outlook, Skype, or Office, and Delve.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says the acquisition will help the two companies work on tools for news dissemination, collaboration, productivity tools, business intelligence and introduce the concept of social selling through a combination of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics.
In light of Microsoft’s latest acquisition, we thought, who’d be better than Tracxn — unarguably the world’s largest data and analytics repository on startup/tech deals and M&As — to have a look at $10B+ acquisitions over the last decade, Microsoft’s $1B+ acquisitions, and all the IP and technology it will amass through the LinkedIn acquisition. So lets begin.

$10 Billion-Plus Software and Internet Deals Announced Over the Last Decade

There have been seven acquisitions above $10 billion in software and Internet companies – Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn is the second largest deal in this list, behind Dell’s acquisition of EMC. HP is the only company to figure twice on this list.

Microsoft’s Billion Dollar Acquisitions

LinkedIn is Microsoft’s biggest acquisition to date – the next biggest is acquisition was Skype, which got a better deal than Nokia’s handset business did in 2014. Swedish indie video game developers Mojang, the makers of Minecraft fetched a handsome $2.5B in 2014.

18 Companies Acquired by LinkedIn, Now Owned by Microsoft

LinkedIn became a public company on May 18, 2011, and most of its acquisitions have happened since. Of the 18 companies, the biggest buys are online video tutoring platform, B2B audience marketing platform Bizo, AI-driven job matching service Bright, and online presentation sharing portal Slideshare.

These four buys cost LinkedIn upwards of $100M. Contact matching application Rapportive and news reader app Pulse are two other significant buys.

Lynda09 Apr- 2015Online video tutorials$1.5B
Bizo04 Aug- 2014B2B audience marketing and data platform$175M
Bright6 Feb- 2014Candidate scoring algorithm to match jobs and jobseekers$120M
SlideShare3 May- 2012Social slides sharing portal$119M
Pulse11 Apr- 2013News reader application$90M
Rapportive7 Feb- 2012Contact mapping application$15M
mSpoke4 Aug- 2010Next generation personalization solutionsUndisclosed
CardMunch26 Jan- 2011Mobile business card transcription serviceUndisclosed
Connected HQ5 Oct- 2011Web based contact managerUndisclosed
IndexTank11 Oct- 2011Hosted search as a serviceUndisclosed
TrustHop2012Crowd-powered service-referralUndisclosed
Heirloom Technology, Inc.2014Photo and video sharingUndisclosed
NewsleJul, 2014News about one’s social circleUndisclosed
StackLead25 Sep- 2014Customer intelligence as a serviceUndisclosed
Careerify16 Mar- 2015Social recruitingUndisclosed
Refresh, Inc.02 Apr- 2015Social insights generatorUndisclosed
Fliptop27 Aug- 2015Predictive analytics on sales leadsUndisclosed
Connectifier04 Feb- 2016AI-powered candidate databaseUndisclosed
Run Hop06 May- 2016Content distributionUndisclosed

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