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Ed-tech startup Qriyo develops first-of-its-kind teacher-student match making algorithm

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A platform for discovering home tutors and personal teachers, Qriyo (pronounced as Kriyo) has devised a first of its kind match-making algorithm that predicts a perfect Teacher-Student Match. It aims to assign suitable teachers to customers in a unique way through the use of technology based on an algorithm backed by rigorous research.

When a customer books a course, a teacher is assigned to him based on an algorithm backed by rigorous research. If the customer likes the teacher, the matchmaking is deemed successful else a failure. The failed match is worked upon so that it won’t fail again, the next time.

says Rishabh, the co-founder and COO (Ex IITB) of Qriyo.

Jaipur-based Qriyo claims to be currently achieving 80% first demo conversions through this matchmaking algorithm and further aims to reach in the upper 90’s. Qriyo has recently secured a seed funding of $160K from UAE’s Idein Ventures. It offers a whole range of courses at home from wide domains including academics, extracurricular, and fitness.

Today when many ed-tech startups are focusing on online education, Qriyo wants to tap the offline education segment which makes up for about 99% of the whole sector. This segment is largely driven by schools, coachings, and private tutors. CEO and co-founder Mudit says,

We want to improve the same segment by providing best-fit teachers, instructors, and tutors in all three categories i.e. schools, coachings, and private tuitions. But our current focus lies on B2C, that is personalized home tutors.

Private home tutors are particularly useful because of a low teacher to student ratio in Indian schools which is sometimes as low as 1 to 40. Due to this reason, schools cannot provide the personalized attention in classes packed with students.

However, there is still a hurdle of finding a good teacher to come home, as online listing sites can only provide the number but not the assurance that the teacher will be suitable for their need. And Qriyo aims to solve this problem through its unique matchmaking algorithm.

The Qriyo team is trying to map behavioral, educational, teaching and learning based parameters with numbers. Each parameter contains different weight depending on many factors. For example, location carries more weight in a city like Jaipur, where places are far and traffic is heavy. But a city like Jodhpur with less traffic and travel time, the location is assigned less weight.

The weighted combination of all these parameters gives a number, which the folks at the company call the Qriyo Compatibility score or QCS. For any customer query, the team captures several parameters.

Based on gathered customer information, an individual QCS is automatically calculated for every evaluated Guru in Qriyo database. The teacher getting the highest score is sent to fulfill the customer query. Elaborating further on the same, Rishabh says,

This matchmaking is done based upon some 25 parameters comprising of subject knowledge, educational background, work experience, personality, behavior, location, etc. Adequate research is done before deciding these parameters. Hundreds of Instructors, parents and students have been interviewed as part of this research.

The team is constantly re-working and evolving the algorithm to achieve the best results with minimum human interference.

It has devised tests for more than 70 categories and is adding several more every week. Qriyo claims to have evaluated more than 1400 teachers with more than 600 satisfied clients so far.

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