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Uber will now finally let you do what all of its local competitors already did — schedule rides

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Ola here in India already has it, US-based Lyft just recently got it, and hence Uber is getting it too. Getting what you ask ? Ride scheduling.

Taking a leaf out of its US based archrival Lyft’s book, Uber has announced the world wide launch of its scheduled ride feature. The feature, as the name implies, will let you pre-arrange your rides.

Uber has also improved upon Lyft’s service — although we are not sure if it was needed. While Lyft allows you to book a cab upto 24 hours in advance, with Uber X, you have the option of scheduling your car from
30 minutes up to 30 days in advance.

While Uber may just have a hard time finding folks who book their cab days in advance, in case you are one of them, Uber will make sure that you dont forget about it by regular reminders. Users will receive a notification and another 24 hours and another 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled ride.

Once your driver is on his way, you’ll receive a notification with all the info that is sent on a usual ride. Also received will be information about if or not surge pricing will be applied during the course of your trip.

Obviously, the people most likely to use this feature are businessmen operating on a schedule, who can use it to set rides before flights. You can also cancel anytime before your car is dispatched to pick you up. Even after it has been sent, you can still cancel up to 5 minutes without a cancellation fee.

As per Uber,

Since the option to schedule a ride is a top-requested feature from business travelers, we’re excited to give priority access to riders who have Business Profiles or are linked to their company’s Uber for Business account.

The feature is rolling out in Seattle first, and Uber says that it will soon be “followed by other top business travel cities”. The company also hopes to make it available across other services across its spectrum as well.


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