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Chinese hackers may have attacked Indian bureaucracy : Kaspersky report

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Indian government may have again come under threat by the dragon’s hackers. According to a report by the Kaspersky Labs, a Chinese hacker group called Danti may have attacked personal computers of high-ranking diplomats of the Indian bureaucracy in the national capital as well as in Indian embassies in other countries.

Kaspersky Labs team claims to have tracked a malware which was used to steal sensitive information from computers of officials.

The malware written in the Mandarin language was sent via phishing through emails and comments which carried names of top-ranking government officials. On opening these emails, the Danti backdoor was installed which then stole sensitive information from the system.

Kaspersky Labs Southeast Asia managing director Altaf Halde said,

Our team tracked the malware strain to computers used by Cabinet secretariat of the Indian central government. These hackers have a special focus on diplomatic entities. We presume they may already have full access to internal networks in the Indian government.

Several of these emails are claimed to have been tracked by Kaspersky team to Indian embassies in Hungary, Denmark, and Colombia. Kaspersky suspects that Danti may have breached dozens of computers which are being used by Cabinet-rank officials in Delhi.

The officials of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) have admitted a “big” cyber attack but refused to reveal any details due to sensitive nature of the information. An official source told ET that the breach was there in computers of the Union Cabinet secretariat but it was fixed now.

It was identified during an investigation and requisite steps were taken immediately. However, this did not seem to be a serious threat,

said the official adding that chances of misuse of information do exist in such cases.

This is not the first time that the Chinese hackers have been suspected of indulging in such malicious attacks. Last year, US-based cyber security firm FireEye also reported that Chinese hackers had been targeting Indian Govt. machines to get data on India’s border dispute with Pakistan and other diplomatic matters.

Earlier, they also reportedly attacked US systems twice and breached private data belonging to millions of U.S. intelligence and military personnel.

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