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Facebook is shutting down messaging in its mobile web app too so that all you access is ‘Messenger’

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Facebook seems to be in a hurry to get its messenger platform upto a billion users. In a bid to boost the number of users on its messenger platform, Facebook will soon disable the messaging feature from its mobile web application.

The company is serving a notice to users even as we speaks, which reads, “Your conversations are moving to Messenger”.

For now, you can still access your messages on Facebook’s web client. However, you can expect the notice to go from a request to insistence and compulsion, all within the space of a couple of months — leaving you with no other option, but to download and use the official messenger app.

Well, as far as aggressive business maneuvers go, this is touching new heights. The social network has been working hard to make sure that its messenger app gains popularity of late. The app went from 800 Monthly active users in January to 900 million, only recently. However, shutting down the web client so as to force users to download the messenger application, strikes me as a bit too much.

I mean, shouldn’t these things be left to the user himself? Facebook is in essence, a communication application and as such, shutting down a mode of access simply to put users to another doesn’t make much sense to me. — I mean yeah, from a business point of view, the timing to pull a stunt like this couldn’t be better. A vast majority of people will continue using Facebook, while in the good old days when we had more than one dominant social networking website, a move like this could have held the potential to cause an exodus.

Meanwhile, asking a corporate spokesman about a seemingly hostile move his company has made has gotten almost useless — there is just so much language involved. I mean Facebook has put down axing the messaging service on the web client due to its wishes to provide the best possible experience in messaging, with the Messenger app being the platform which has been chosen to provide it.

I mean come on! How will shutting down the web based messaging service improve the experience for people using the messenger? And how are folks who don’t use the app for a good reason — Maybe their phones don’t support the app, or they are simply uncomfortable with it — supposed to get along? How is that going to “provide the best experience?”

Not for the user maybe but the more users there are on Messenger, the merrier will be Facebook’s party. The messenger application is just so much more easier to enrich and monetize as compared to plain old messaging — and business ultimately, is all about the money you know. Sure, you can send videos and stickers on the app, we even have chatbots over there and there was even talk of a virtual assistant called M — but that is definitely not a medicine that should be force-fed down the users throats.

Well, all is fair in war and business in the current times is no less than a war. Meanwhile, enjoy the experience of messaging on the web while it lasts, you never know how soon Facebook decides to pull the plug on it.

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