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Facebook is shutting down Notify, its news delivery application

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Facebook has had enough of delivering news to readers. Hold your horses, we are not talking about the news feed but, Notify, the company’s real-time notification-based news app that is shutting down for good. The closure marks the end of a short-lived attempt to introduce a unique style of delivering news that was somewhat inspired by Facebook’s very own news feed.

The company made the announcement by pushing an alert to users, informing them of Notify’s imminent demise.

Thanks for using Notify. We’re transitioning parts of Notify into other Facebook products, and the app will no longer be supported.

Notify was launched in November last year and since then has been pretty popular among users — or at least, was pretty popular when it was newly launched. However, neither Facebook nor the users themselves, paid it much attention as time passed.

Still, the app had a fair amount of followers and a 4+ rating on the iTunes store — which makes Facebook’s decision to hastily pull it out of circulation, slightly odd.

The app let its users select and receive news alerts from over 70 publishers, letting them quickly sift through short summaries or click to read through the full news articles. Fans of the application are certain to be disappointed by the move, but Facebook says that something of the sort will soon appear on company’s other products, with Messenger being mentioned by name.

Starting on Wednesday, we will begin integrating Notify functionality into other Facebook products, like Messenger, and will be removing Notify from the App Store. Since launching Notify, we’ve learned a lot about how to make notifications as timely and relevant as possible and we heard from people using the app that Notify helped them stay informed about things they cared about throughout the day.

The company also added that

With more than 900 million people using Messenger each month, we think there is a great opportunity for publishers to reach even more people interested in real-time updates from their favorite sources.

Okay. So yeah, we may soon be looking at the introduction of elements from Notify into Facebook’s own ecosystem. The ability to be very picky about what news you get is what made the app stand out, so we hope that Facebook incorporates it into….into whatever its going to do next with news. For example, while others offer you news about, let’s say football, with Notify, you could choose a particular team to follow and get updates on its progress.

The messenger idea is also pretty solid though. With 900 million and counting users aboard the application, Facebook has a rock solid customer base to present to news channels, and advertisers alike. It will be interesting to see the company market that and — hopefully — ensure that users are not mobbed with spam, at the same time. If i had to bet on one thing though, i would probably side with Chatbots.

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