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Magic Leap accuses two employees of stealing its technology

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The augmented reality (or mixed reality as the company calls it) startup Magic Leap has accused two of its employees of stealing its technology and using it for their own startups. The company has filed a lawsuit in federal court this Thursday depicting the two employees as traitors who schemed on the company time for a year.

Magic Leap has alleged that Gary Bradski and Adrian Kaehler have been planning their own artificial reality startups and have stolen some patented tecnologies of Magic Leap towards the same goal while working for the company.

The suit also alleged that duplicity of both employees involved “some deep learning techniques utilizing robotics”. It said that both employees even exchanged secrets of their technology with outsiders and mined the business connections of the company while they tried to launch their own startups.

Magic Leap had hired both employees in the year 2013. Bradski was hired as a robotic expert as the senior VP of advanced perception and intelligence. Adrian Kaehler used to report Bradski and most recently assumed the position of VP of special projects.

However, the company lawsuit has come in response to the legal suit of these employees. Earlier this week, Gary Bradski and Adrian Kaehler, had sued the company for wrongfully terminating them.

Their lawyer Jack Russo has accused Magic Leap of trying to take away employee stock options worth millions of dollars without a valid reason. He even accused the CEO of Magic Leap Rony Abovitz of going into a “fit of rage” when Gary and Adrian tried to negotiate clauses of “consulting freedom” in their contracts.

Russo has also claimed that their evidence against Magic Leap for following such practices against employees will make other top engineers reluctant to work for Magic Leap. Magic Leap has declined to comment on these allegations of wrongful termination by Russo.

The company, which was recently termed as the “world’s hottest startup”, has raised close to $1.4 billion from the likes of Alibaba and Google. However, it has largely remained secretive about the exact nature of its product and only recently gave a small glimpse of its “mixed reality” headset through a small video.

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