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Ola launches luxury car line, hitch a ride with a Jaguar, Audi or Mercedeas

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Are you a college student who has been dreaming of travelling in his favorite luxury car? Well, Ola is making your dreams me true and the company has added a brand new tier to its taxi service.

Yes folks, the company has already introduced an all new category to their app that can be used to hails those super called ‘Ola Lux’, a service which provides luxury cars along the lines of Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Toyota Camry and Fortuner.

Ola has chosen South Mumbai to debut the service — which makes sense, since not everyone is going to pay the extra rates, at least not straightaway — with plans to expand it to the rest of the country, soon.

Now, you are probably wondering about the cost of hitching a rude in your dream car, so here you go. In keeping with the company’s policy of providing rides to customers at the lowest possible rates, Ola Lux is available for booking at a minimum fare of Rs 200 for 5km, and Rs 19 per km after the first 5 kms. The Ride time charge has also been doubled to of Rs 2 per minute for cars in the Lux category.

Speaking on the topic, Raghuvesh Sarup, Head of Categories and Chief Marketing Officer at Ola, said,

With a growing number of young executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, the need for on-demand luxury sedans is growing tremendously in a city like Mumbai. Young adults like the flexibility of not having to drive in heavy traffic or having to park, while still travelling in a stylish luxury ride made available within minutes via the Ola app on their smartphone!

Not to mention the swag quotient getting out of a Jaguar would add to you!

Well, the rates while higher than most people would be willing to pay in case they are daily travellers, are still low enough to make them order the cars for the sake of the experience, or to celebrate a special occassion. While luxury cars have always been available to rent in the country, this is the first time that a company of  Ola’s stature is launching a dedicated service to book them.

And while this is purely a guess on my part, i dont think that Ola is going to have any dearth of customers for its latest luxury line in India. Although the cars do not have much of a penetration in the Indian market, owing to their huge prices what they do have, are millions upon millions of fans just itching to ride in them — and if it costs as low as a few hundred INR? A whole lot of people are going to go for it.

Sure, Uber did conduct a campaign with a bunch of luxury cars in Delhi last year, under the title of “Uber Supercars”. However, that was more of a one time event and the company has not unveiled any intentions of launching out in the luxury segment.

However, Ola’s latest move, which is yet another step along its increasingly aggressive growth policies, may just force Uber and others to rethink about the services they are currently offering.

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