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Microsoft may launch a smaller Xbox One and two Xbox streaming devices this year, Xbox 1.5 to be up for next year

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Last month, Microsoft delivered a sad news to Xbox fans when it announced stopping the manufacturing of Xbox 360 gaming consoles. Now, according to various sources, Microsoft is planning to bring two more versions of Xbox One along with two new Xbox streaming devices.

One of the two new Xbox devices will be a smaller and cheaper Xbox One named “Xbox Mini” and the other will be a more powerful, Oculus supporting Xbox 1.5. The latter will be unveiled next year while Xbox Mini could be unveiled along with two new Xbox streaming devices next month at E3 conference.

Among many speculations, one of the reports comes from the renowned Windows Insider blogger Brad Sams who revealed this information in his weekly podcast.

He said that Microsoft will unveil a new device which he named Xbox Mini but wasn’t sure which form it would take. Some sources have claimed that it would be 40% lighter than Xbox One.

According to video game website Kotaku, Xbox Mini may come with a larger 2TB hard drive which is double the capacity of the current model with the highest storage. As for the second Xbox version which is codenamed Scorpio according to Kotaku, will sport a more powerful GPU in addition to support of Oculus Rift.

Kotaku says that the two new Xbox devices are a result of a wider strategy of Microsoft codenamed Project Helix which is aimed towards bringing its expertise of Xbox and Windows 10 together in near future.

The same has been suggested by Brad Sams as well who went a step further and even speculated Xbox becoming a software for PCs which could meet the specs requirement- in other words the possibility of PC becoming an Xbox.

What if Xbox just becomes software?” If your system [PC] meets the specs, your PC can be an Xbox. Don’t get me wrong Microsoft will still build a dedicated box. But eventually it becomes software,

said Brad Sams in his podcast.

And this makes some sense given the recent strategy of Microsoft to announce its big exclusive games like Halo Wars 2 and Sea of Thieves for both Xbox One and PC. Moreover, it is also said that Microsoft is bringing the Xbox interface to Windows 10 in Redstone 2 update which is expected to release early next year.

There are two new streaming devices as well which are expected to be launched along with Xbox Mini at E3 conference. One of these devices is reportedly a Chromecast-like device priced at about $100, which would act as a basis streaming stick for Xbox content.

The other and perhaps a more interesting streaming device could be like an Apple TV device which would allow integration with Windows 10 apps and probably few lightweight games from Windows Store. This could be priced between $150 to $175.

These devices are expected to help Microsoft target and win a share of the market of streaming devices which are said to be largely responsible for replacement of Xbox 360.

So far we do not have any official confirmation from Microsoft on these reports. We can expect to get a detailed information at the E3 conference which is scheduled for June 13th next month.

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