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Blast from the Past: Moto’s iconic Flipping ‘Razr’ might be making it back to the shelves

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Do you remember those days of awesomely flipping your phone (Moto Razr primarily) open to take a call, or merely to add a cool factor to your personality? These were the days, when large screened, Touch phones had not made their way into every pocket.

It was 2004 and Motorola launched a phone named Moto Razr, which broke market records with not just over 130 million units being sold in the next 4 years of existence, but also literally becoming a style statement among the masses.

Moto Razr was a masterstroke. At a time when Motorola (now Moto) wasn’t doing well and global competitors were eyeing innovations and evolutions, the company placed its bet on Razr, not just because it offered stylish looks but had far better features to offer than anyone in the same segment. It became almost imperative for every teenager to carry it with them (exactly the trend that Lenovo has captured in the Teaser video).

Razr saw several iterations over a period of time for the sheer reason that Moto banked on Razr’s success. However, Razr 2 launched in July 2007 and could not do the same wonders. The sole attribution of this failure could be given to the fact that competitors of Moto had moved ahead in innovating, and the company proved to be slow in developing products for growing markets.

So now with Lenovo Tech World happening on June 9th 2016, (which happens to be my birthday as well), world might witness new benchmarks in smartphones and some exciting announcements including the speculated Return of Razr, as hinted in the trending teaser video!

While Lenovo might make some improvements to the design, it would be highly necessary to maintain the same specifications that impressed people- such as, 3-inch display, very slim look and iconic flip.
Moreover, this time around, Android shall of course be available on the phone.

On observing the recent trends in the flip phone market, results are of course not encouraging. Samsung did try a hand in 2013, with Chrono. However not just that it did not pick the consumers’ interest, it was also very highly priced for the features that it offered.

Coming back to the teaser video, Lenovo has put the tagline- “Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future” with the date of 09.06.1992. Although its not a clear indication that Motorola is bringing back flip phones in the market, but nothing could beat the ease of use and functionality that such a phone once offered. The success of such a model is doubtful at this point, where fancy Android and iOS phones are the trend. But again, these phones might find a huge market among the older generation who get attracted to the phone because of its simple functionality and ease of use.

While Samsung was reportedly (as rumored) disrupting the flipping design, by bringing in flexible folding OLED handset, it will be a pleasant surprise to see Motorola surpassing the global giant (one of the most prominent OLED makers in the domain), to tap potential market.

The flipping phone market is for sure at the cusp of a renaissance right now. But one cannot help but dive deeper and also explore a possibility, where Lenovo, through the teaser video, might just be indicating that Motorola once made path breaking, trend setting phones for the market and whatever they are doing now on 09 June is also on the same lines of a revolution.

Anyways, is the much speculated Moto Z, the reborn Razr? Can we really expect an era with flipping phones again? Do flipping phones have an existence in the high tech Android touch era? But most importantly, if its flip phones rising again, like a phoenix from its ashes, whats next? Do I hear the sound of Nokia 3310 coming back to life already?

June 9th 2016

Is Flipping Coming back?


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