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Google debuts ‘Daydream’, a brand new design for its virtual reality headsets

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Google’s I/O conference is on folks and like every year, it is full of exciting, cutting edge technology this time around too. After AI-based chat application Allo and voice activated smart home speakers, the company has come out with a brand new design for it’s future Virtual Reality headsets and it has left us oh so excited.

Interestingly, I/O events have always marked an important junction for VR technology. The company announced Project Glass back in 2012 and only a couple of years later, we had the cardboard based Google headsets that have been revolutionizing the way we look — pun intended — at things.

This year promises to be no exception. The company has already announced a brand new mode for Android N that will give VR apps exclusive access to the device’s processor cores when they are in the foreground, bringing latency on the Nexus 6P down to apporximately 20 milliseconds — almost the best you can expect from VR technology at the moment. Well, the low-latency mode is being followed by a new design for the future of Google’s VR headsets.

Google has still not opened all of it’s cards on the topic, however, from what we have been able to gather Google’s upcoming VR designs will significantly improve upon the experience provided by the Cardboard, and will also make it possible to experience the system for longer periods of time. The company has also put up a basic sketch of the headset and a controller for third hardware developers, that while far from satisfying does serve to give you a basic idea of what’s in store.

The controller appears to be pretty minimalistic and somewhat looks like a cross between a play-station remote and an AC controller. It comes with mighty few buttons and instead, features a clickable and swipable touchpad to make up for the dearth. Google has also packed in an orientation sensor to let users have far more immersive movement control.

Talking about the playstation, the new controller along with a video the company has posted on twitter — which shows someone fishing — makes one wonder if Google is thinking about getting into gaming very seriously, as well. Indeed, comments on the video compare it to a Wii controller and i can’t help but be struck by the similarities. Except ofcourse, that Google’s controller looks slated to be far more powerful.

Meanwhile, Google also talked about offering a Daydream version of Google Play — a move which will make sure that multiple, existing VR apps will already be available for users on the store. The company has also partnered up with the likes of Hulu, Netflix, HBO and IMAX and top-tier game studios like Ubisoft and EA to create and offer a range of undoubtedly exciting products for it’s upcoming VR platform.

That is basically all the information we have available at the moment folks, rest assured, we are keeping our eyes out and ears peeled for more information about the topic. Stay tuned!


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