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Google launches Allo, an AI based chat app

In what can be counted as a major leap forward in the field of artificial intelligence and Machine learning, Google has launched Allo, it’s very own dedicated chat application. The application comes literally stuffed with a bunch of brand new, exciting features.

With this Google is not only making a brand new attempt at making its presence in the messaging niche felt but is also giving us a look at what the future has in store for messaging.

The application first surfaced back in December with the WSJ suggesting that Google was brewing an AI based messaging app. Well, Allo was announced today at Google’s I/O event and from what we have seen, does not disappoint.

The app comes virtually stuffed with a panacea of features with special focus upon harnessing the capabilities of machine learning in messaging. For one, Allo features Google’s all new and smarter, Google Assistant service which in all likelihood will add another dimension to your messaging experience.

Secondly, the app also comes with animated graphics and enlarging/shrinking text, and packs the ability to call upon Google while chatting, to do stuff like sharing media, planning events, buying stuff and so on. What’s more, the latter ability is likely to be extended to other, third party applications as well.

Also, Allo users will be able to find people to chat to based upon their phone numbers. However, thanks to the close integration between gmail and Android, people that use their Google accounts for services like Gmail will also be able to call their contacts from those services.

The app also takes the requirements of privacy freaks well into account — a group whose number has increased drastically of late — and users can deploy Allo in ‘incognito’ mode — remember Chrome? —  where chats are encrypted end-to-end, with discreet notifications.

Coming to the experience itself, have you ever had the urge to shout while chatting but were unable to? Well, Allo users can indulge in emphasizing their statements by enlarging and shrinking text. What’s more, the smart-reply feature packed in with the app means that the app will suggest automatic responses during conversations, saving you the trouble of typing. Like all machine learning features, these suggestions are also iterative and will continue to improve and become more personalized as the app learns more about you.

Finally, the App also packs Google’s very own Chat bot which is rather like having a super smart butler around, one who is always at your shoulder and who knows almost all there is to know about everything. You can chat with the new assistant directly, ask it questions, or even summon into a group chat to find instant answers and recommendations to your questions. Initially, you can use the assistant for stuff like plane or train schedules, sports scores, recipes,  random search queries and whatnot.

Well, kudos to Google’s bran new entry. The company had been experimenting — rather unsuccessfully too — with building a messaging and social experience, i mean just look at hangouts, Google+ or even the late Orkut. However, this time around, Google has gone the extra mile and added capabilities that no other messaging app has at the moment. The company has quite cleverly, used the loads of data at its disposal to make Allo’s experience much m

The iOS and Android apps are being unveiled this very day. We are every bit as excited as you and will be bringing more details to you as they come out.

Stay tuned!


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