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Enterprise Messaging App Flock Releases External Integrations Via Its App Store

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In a first, enterprise collaboration Flock has launched its own App store that will let users connect external work apps and services directly into Flock. The addition is pretty cool as it will let users connect external work apps and services that they frequently use, directly into Flock.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, Flock is a free instant messaging service for work and business environments that speeds up and simplifies communication within teams and organizations. The best part about Flock is that it is available for free for an unlimited number of users on all major platforms such as Windows Desktop, Mac, Chrome, iPhone, Android and even Windows Phone.

At present, the application will let users integrate with various popular applications such as Trello, Github, Twitter, Jira, Bitbucket, etc The apps chosen for the first stage of the integrations seem to have been hand-picked on their usefulness in a larger, organizational setting.

Integrating the Trello app for example, will let teams and project managers know of changes made to their boards, cards and lists.

Github is another particularly relevant addition. The Github integration can let users — which in this case, can be members of your engineering team — receive instant alerts whenever someone make changes to a project you have established there, which understandably is a particularly handy tool to have around.

Another great example is the Twitter app. Integrating the twitter application could let you marketing team keep a tab upon social media trends regarding your company — and that is just one use case scenario.

Speaking on the topic, Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Founder of the company, said,

This is the next logical step for Flock as a product. The App Store makes Flock incredibly powerful, especially considering the rich functionality we already have in place such as to-do’s, reminders, polls and code snippet sharing. Combined with these features, it makes it possible for your app to start a conversation within a group by notifying you about something important, and you can take immediate remedial action, whether it is the next step in a project or reactive marketing on Social Media. I am extremely excited by the direction in which Flock is heading as a product.

Simply select the applications you want integrated within Flock — out of the available apps list — and you are good to go. Get all your notifications, which can range from support requests, code check-ins, and error logs to twitter updates, directly within it — and get THEM delivered to the relevant departments and to the right people, instantly.

Meanwhile, according to the company, this is just the first step along a potentially long journey. While the apps allowed for integration are pretty limited at the moment, we can expect it to grow over time. Also, organizations and developers will eventually allowed to develop their own application — and even bots — tailored to their own particular requirements.

To know more and to download the app now, visit its official website.

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