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Pebble Launches Its Customizable SmartWatches in India

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One of the earliest smartwatch makers, which once made headlines on raising $10,266,845 through Kickstarter in 2012 , Pebble has now launched its customizable smartwatches in India. The company has launched four models of its watches in an affordable range of INR 6000 to INR 15000 in India.

Pebble already claims an existing user base of around 20000 people who use its watches in India. However, in past, its watches could only be ordered from its US website during which customers also had to face other hassles such as paying in US dollars, custom duties, etc.

Now, they can order the watches from Amazon India just like any other product. There are 4 models of Pebble available in India- the original Pebble watch also called Pebble Classic at INR 5999; Pebble Time at INR 9999; Pebble Time Round which is considered the world’s lightest (28 gram) and thinnest smartwatch (7.5 mm) at INR 13599 and the premium watch Pebble Time Steel at INR 15999.

We are extremely excited to introduce Pebble in India. Indian users have always been open to adopt new technologies especially in mobile. Our unique products offer amazing experience at an affordable price point to the users.

said Eric Migicovsky, Founder & CEO of the company.

These smartwatches boast of infinite customization options allowing the users to get every information on their wrists. They connect with android/iPhones of users through Bluetooth.

One feature which instantly sets apart these smartwatches is their e-ink paper display. This not only gives better battery capacity and full waterproofing feature but also allows watches to change through beautiful watchfaces which can be switched anytime depending upon user’s mood.

And of course, they also perform other functions expected from smartwatches like displaying various notifications such as incoming caller id, emails, messages, Facebook/twitter notifications, weather alerts, etc. Users can also install many internet apps on these smartwatches for various purposes, such as fitness tracking, music control, golf rangefinder, and lots more. More than 13000 apps and watchfaces are available on a dedicated app store.

The company also distributes free SDK kits to developers and users who want to make their own apps for Pebble smartwatches. In India also, the company is aiming to aims to reach over 1000 developers to ensure that there is relevant and locally created content for new users.

For this purpose, the company has been sponsoring a series of hackathons hosted by AngelHack in Mumbai (May 7-8), Hyderabad (May 28-29), Delhi (June 11-12), and Vizag (June 18-19).

Commenting on the same, Eric said,

In conjunction with our India launch, we are also looking at establishing a connected community of users and developers in India.

The company has also launched its health and fitness ecosystem called Pebble Health which enables nonstop activity tracking and sleep monitoring in all its smartwatches.

It makes all the important stats and insights available through a timeline where other important things are also displayed to the users. The platform is fully compatible with other similar platforms of Android phones and iPhones like Google Fit and Apple Health Kit.

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