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Google Experimenting With Black Search Links

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Google gave a surprise to some of its users yesterday when they saw black search links in Google search results rather than familiar blue color links. Although it turned out to be a small experiment by Google, it was enough to spark off a range of user reactions from annoyance and confusion to downright dislike towards new search links.

The black search links were not visible to all users like it usually happens in case of such experiments by a tech company. The users took to online forums like Reddit, Google forums, and Twitter to share their experiences, most of them being not happy with the experiment.

Google later commented on the issue and said that it was just a small experiment. In a statement, the search giant said,

“We’re always running many small-scale experiments with the design of the results page. We’re not quite sure that black is the new blue.”

By the time company issued the above statement, a hashtag #bringbacktheblue was already trending on Twitter with tweets from many Google users who were not happy with a sudden change in their search results.

Historically, Google has always shown search links in blue color with an exception of China where they are shown in red color. Google is known to carry out such experiments in design, sometimes on very minute design changes for which it has also been criticized in past.

In fact, even the usual blue color which we are used to see on search links was a result of an experiment famously termed as “50 Shades of Blue”.

Google was not able to decide between two blues and ended up testing 41 shades between each blue to find out the user preference. A top designer named Dougman had revealed this information after leaving the company as he could not work in such environment.

“I’ve grown tired of debating such minuscule design decisions. There are more exciting design problems in this world to tackle,”

said Dougman.

While Google finally did arrive on a blue color (with a slight purple shade) at that time, it remains to be seen if company would ahead with its black search links experiment, especially after the user reaction.

Meanwhile, if you are also seeing these blank links in your search results, there are couple of ways out as suggested by some users.

Logging out of your Google account and login back may turn the black links into blue. Some users also reported that disabling “Your searches and browsing activity” under Chrome settings also turned the black links back to blue.

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