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Developers Can Now Sell Apps In Bulk Via Microsoft’s Windows Store For Business

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Microsoft has made changes to its app store that will let developers from supported countries/regions sell their paid apps in volume through the Windows Store for Business, while also easing the process of managing and acquisition of apps in bulk for organizations.

If you are unfamiliar with the Windows Store For Business, the platform is basically for developers who are looking to sell their applications in bulk — mainly to organizations. The platform was launched in November last year and is aimed at organizations that require high volume of applications — such as a school that requires a lot of the same educational app, or a company that needs a flexible method of inter-company communication.

Launching a dedicated platform for these organizations was a pretty big move for Microsoft, however as per Jan Kalis, Product and Marketing manager for the Windows Store For Business, it’s certainly worth it.

This provides an opportunity for developers to reach audience of business and education customers for their hgh volume apps as well as manage their line of business apps. It’s really the first opportunity for applications to reach these audiences directly through a dedicated storefront.

Organizations have been asking Microsoft for a flexible way to deploy and acquire applications for themselves, and the market for these applications is pretty huge too.

Based on Microsoft internal estimates, small to medium businesses alone spend roughly $70 billion (USD) annually on desktop software, applications, and utilities.

Well, the App store for business is Microsoft’s response to these companies and organizations.

The company has also kept the whole process as simple as possible. You start off from the development center and for individual applications, indicate whether you want that it to be available for volume purchases through the Windows Store for Business.

This can be done through the organizational licensing section of the Pricing and availability page of an app submission, where there is a box labeled Make my app available to organizations with Store-managed (online) volume licensing. The box is checked by default, meaning that your app is eligible for inclusion in the catalogs of apps that will be made available to organizations for volume acquisition.

The payouts of proceeds from organizational purchases is also pretty much identical to consumer purchases and the complete transaction details and payout information are included in the developer’s Payout Statement in the Dev Center.

The move is a welcome one. Not only will it let developers graduate into making and managing applications for organizations more easily, but will also facilitate the acquisition process for the organizations themselves. Instead of lumbering around in the Windows store, they now have a dedicated portal to look for an app to suit their exact needs.

To know more about the Windows Store For Business, watch the video or follow this link to Microsoft’s official blog post on the topic.

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