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You Can Now Get Lab Test Suggestions And Post-Test Consultation On Lybrate Via ‘Lybrate Lab+’

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Online doctor consultation platform Lybrate, has just added another tier to its services. In a bid to make its services as complete and comprehensive as possible, the company has announced Lybrate Lab+, which is an integration of diagnostics and lab tests prescribed by the doctors on the Lybrate platform.

Lab+ will let patients consult doctors online and get the suggested lab tests done without ever having to step out of their homes. What’s even better is the fact that patients can continue their consultation from where it was left, as  soon as the test report is automatically shared with the prescribing doctors.

Speaking on the need for a separate system that addressed the test and diagnosis related need of patients, Saurabh Arora, Founder and CEO of Lybrate, said

We came across the ‘offline’ gap in online doctor consultation that lab tests created, which broke the cycle of consultation. Medical experts suggest that over 75% consultations require medical tests and because they involve either visiting a lab or making an extra effort to search a lab and book a test online, 70% people tend to ignore it, exposing their health to grave risk. 

Which is what the platform will seek to address. By making sure that lab tests are within easy reach of patients, Lybrate will also ensure that they actually get them done on time.

In a strategic business decision, we decided to include lab tests on our platform to enable users to take up recommended tests. Lybrate Lab+ is a huge step towards creating an end-to-end online consultation experience for users to take informed decisions about their health. It is a measure closer to our aim of making healthcare delivery more convenient and seamless.

The integration also adds another tier to the usual O2O model. Users will be able to consult doctors (online), get sample pick up for lab tests (offline) and get reports automatically shared with doctors and continue consultation (online). The company is calling this new model O3O and has begun by launching it in three cities – Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. However, it has no plans of stopping there and will expand the service to five more Tier 1 cities in the next three months.

Meanwhile, Lab+ will deliver over 2,500 lab tests, including blood sugar, complete blood count (CBC), lipid profile, liver function test and thyroid profile, from top notch testing centers such as Quest Diagnostics, Metropolis Labs, Thyrocare and Suburban Diagnostics.

Well, with almost 100,000 doctors and health experts across India working to help millions of patients, Lybrate is setting benchmarks in a field which really needs them. The company has been raising substantial funding as well — It raised a $1.23 million seed round in August 2014 followed by almost $10.2 million from Tiger Global, Nexus Venture Partners and Ratan Tata in its Series A funding in July 2015.

The company currently receives over 5 million interactions a month and with the addition of Lab+, we expect these numbers to increase even more.

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