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Ola Far Ahead Of Uber In India According To TrueCaller’s Phone Calling Data

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Both Ola and Uber have been making tall (and contradictory) claims regarding their market share in India. However, popular caller ID and smart dialer app TrueCaller has released an interesting insight on the same, based on its call records between users & taxi cabs. According to the report, Uber is far behind its Indian counterpart in India.

TrueCaller analyzed data from over 130 million registered users on its platforms by calculating the number of calls to numbers which were saved as taxi cab services. It recorded 24.9 billion such calls made between January 1 and April 17th this year.

Out of these calls, 4.1% of the calls were made to Ola drivers as compared to 1.6% calls to Uber drivers. In terms of call volume, a total of 102 million calls were made between Ola and its users out of which users made 59.5 million calls to Ola and received 42.5 million calls from Ola.

On the other hand, Uber witnessed a total of 39 million calls out of which users called Uber 25.4 million times while receiving 13.6 million calls from the company.

And if you are wondering what about the rest of calls to taxi services since both Ola and Uber only managed to grab 5.7% share together, then according to the report, this signifies the vast untapped potential of taxi services in India.

As you can see, these new app-based services are still just a drop in the bigger ocean that is the Indian taxi industry. Even if the market keeps growing at anywhere near the pace it currently is, then there is abundant room for more than one service to operate,

read the report.

However, this data needs to be taken with a pinch of salt since this includes only Truecaller users in the country and there may be many more users who might be using taxi cabs apps and not Truecaller. But again, the app is massively popular in India and 130 Million is a massive sample size in itself, and enough to give a clear picture.

The only possible glitch in the report that could have come up, is the fact that the staggering number of calls recorded may also account from the multiple calls which often take place between a user and driver at the time of booking.

Nevertheless, this report does give a potential insight into the intense rivalry among taxi aggregators in India. This becomes even more interesting, and somewhat relevant given the huge difference in market share numbers projected by Uber and Ola individually.

For instance, Softbank had claimed Ola’s market share at 85% at the end of June 2015 in its regulatory filing. A few weeks later Uber officials and CEO Travis Kalanick claimed that Uber’s market share had jumped to nearly 40% from just 4-5% in January 2015.

And just two months ago in March, Eric Alexander, president of business in Asia for Uber, said in an interview to Mint that Uber was reaching on the edge of 50% market share in India and would beat Ola within next 30 days.

On the other hand, after the launch of Ola Micro which offers cab rides at Rs 6/Km, Ola’s Chief Marketing Officer Raghuvesh Sarup told Bloomberg in an interview that within a month of its launch, they were already registering about half of Uber’s current total daily bookings on Micro.  He went on further to claim that Micro alone might become bigger than Uber India within a month.

Since there is not any independent agency such as Nielsen to keep a track of sales of consumer Internet companies, we don’t know which company is closer to the truth in its numbers. However, after this insight by TrueCaller, and given the massive presence of Ola in the country in over 200 cities compared to that of Uber’s in 22 cities, Ola does seem to have an upper hand for now.

On a lighter (and personal experience) note, couldn’t it just be the fact that we are required to call an Ola driver much more times as compared to Uber ? :p

Meanwhile, here is the complete infographic put up by Truecaller :

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