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SpaceX Releases 360-degree Video Of It’s Falcon 9 Rocket’s Historic Landing

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SpaceX, the private space venture firm headed by legendary Elon Musk, made headlines this month when it successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket on a sea based platform. Well, the company is eager to share its success with the world in the most realistic ways possible and towards that, has launched a 360-degree video on both Facebook and YouTube.

The event took place on the 8th of this month when SpaceX’s two-stage Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying its robotic Dragoncargo spacecraft. The spacecraft was meant to — and eventually did — make contact with the International Space Station and supply it with crew supplies, station hardware and science experiments.

Now that stage one of its mission was a success, the rocket was to participate in SpaceX’s 5th attempt in 15 months to land on a drone ship stationed off the Florida coast. And the rocket nailed it this time, unerringly landing upon “Of course I still love you”, which believe it or not, is the name of one of SpaceX’s two drone ships. The success — and some of the company’s earlier failures — was later attributed — to the rocket’s strut system.

Well, all said the event was a great success and marked yet another private breakthrough into the niche which used to be the sole domain of government agencies. The company had managed to land its rockets previously as well, but that was on solid ground. This is the first time that one of SpaceX’s ferries have successfully made their way onto a sea based landing pad.

Unsurprisingly, the company is eager to share its milestone with the rest of the world — and what better, more realistic way to do so, than a brand new, 360-degree video.

The video released by SpaceX, is probably the next best thing to have actually been present on the platform. The extreme sounds, the ability to literally take a look at your surroundings, all add up to give a pretty impressive demonstration of the capabilities of 360 degree videos — and of course. the Falcon 9 rocket.

There you go, knock yourself out with Falcon 9’s historic landing on the platform.

Use the arrow on the top left corner to follow the Spaceship’s progress through the heavens. To watch this video on Facebook, click this link.

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