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Infosys Launches Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence Platform “Mana”

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Indian IT companies are finally coming of age with some new, exciting tech platforms. The latest to join that list is Infosys, which has recently launched a new artificial intelligence platform called “Mana”. The tool is developed to help organisations automate repetitive routine tasks and use the time for higher thinking and developing creative solutions.

Derived from a Polynesian word, Mana will bring deep machine learning together with existing vast knowledge in an organisation to drive innovation and automation.

We can automate the repetitive, mechanical tasks; we can capture the knowledge and know-how across people and long-lived systems and bring this knowledge back inside the systems to drive more value; and in doing these things we can free people to put all of our creativity, passion, and imagination into thinking about the bigger opportunities ahead of us,

said , CEO and MD of Infosys, Vishal Sikka about capabilities of Mana.

Mana consists of three main components based on open source technology- Infosys Information Platform for operationalizing existing data assets and uncover new opportunities; Infosys Automation Platform for constant learning of processes to build an adaptable knowledge base; and Infosys Knowledge Platform for processing and representation of knowledge.

Infosys claims that Mana has already begun to be used by its clients. The platform helped a company in improving individual productivity by 50%.

It reduced entry efforts of agents by 80% in a major telecommunications firm whereas assisted the sales managers in automating the sales and planning process for a global food and beverage manufacturer.

According to Sikka, platforms based on AI and machine learning like Mana could help solve knowledge management and tedium of system maintenance once and for all.

He has been a frontrunner in bringing new technologies and innovations in Infosys since he took charge of the company in August 2014. Under his leadership, Infosys acquired a US-based automation technology company Panaya for an enterprise value of $200 million last year.

Infosys has also committed $1 billion investment into OpenAI which is a non-profit artificial intelligence research company. The company boasting of names such as Peter Thiel, Elon Musk,Sam Altman and other tech stalwarts also has Vishal Sikka on the board as an advisor.

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