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Data Protection Service Druva Receives Investment From Japan’s NTT Finance

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Druva Inc. has received a strategic investment from NTT finance, aimed towards helping it nurture and grow its presence in Japan.

The company, which helps enterprises protect and manage their data across devices, announced the investment made by the financial arm of Japan based telecommunications company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.

Druva helps its customers protect critical data regardless of its location across endpoints, cloud and distributed servers. It ensures that the vast amount of data generated by companies is continuously backed up, and is also compliant with data governance policies.

The prpducts offered by Druva includs inSync and Phoenix. While the former helps companies protect data in end-user devices such as laptops or mobile phones, the latter lets them remotely backup and archive their server data.

It also lets companies analyze their own information for sensitive regulated data for compliance audits and eDiscovery needs.

With the ever increasing amounts of data being generated by enterprises, Druva probably wouldnt lack for either customers or work.

The company serves over 4,000 enterprise customers with the vast majority of them situated in the Americas and Europe. It has a relatively minor presence in Asia, and the investment will hopefully, help it build upon it.

Speaking on the topic, Jaspreet Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Druva, said

We see our Japanese market expansion as a way to sustain the continued doubling of our global business each year with the Japanese growth significantly in excess of this.

The investors also seemed quite hopeful of the future prospects of the collaboration. Masayuki Utada, senior executive manager, International Business Unit, NTT Finance, said

We believe Druva will simplify and strengthen Japanese companies’ information security and compliance efforts, and that’s why we are investing in the company.

The company is based in Sunnyvale, California and has its workforce divided between India and the US. While the engineering team works out of its Pune office in India, the sales, marketing, product and finances are handled by teams in the US.

The company hasn’t yet disclosed the details of the NTT investment. Even before this, Druva had alrrady managed a hefty $67 million from investors which included names like Sequoia Capital, Tenaya Capital and Nexus Venture Partners.

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