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Quora Begins Attempt To Monetize Its Platform

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The now not-so-popular question and answers website Quora is finally moving into monetization by the introduction of advertising to its popular, community driven platform. Sounds like an interesting move, specially at times when its userbase hasn’t shown much inspiring sites.

The company had in January, given us a look at some of its numbers. As per data from Quora founder Adam D’Angelo, the company had almost 80 million monthly users — 15 percent of whom were from India.

Since then, the company has crossed the 100 million milestone — which may also be in part responsible for the monetizarion drive and the increasing advertiser interest that has led to it.

Announcing the introduction of advertising, an official blog post by Quora said,

Today we are announcing an experimental pilot of third-party ads on Quora. At this stage we will only be showing ads from a handful of advertisers, and our main aim is to learn what kind of advertising works best for readers, writers, and advertisers.

Also, Quora says that the advertisements will be carefully tailored to  conform to the pages where they actually appear.

Quora is initially allowing four companies, namely Lever, Uber, Wealthfront and Sunrun, to start advertising on the platform. However, rhe platform is certain to allow other advertisers soon as well. For now, ads by these four companies will be visible on both the web and on Quora’s mobile application.

This is Quora’s first attempt at monetization in it’s over seven year history. It will be curious to see if the platform can strike the perfect balance between making money and not peppering users with too many ads.

The platform has a significant following in India, however of the four advertisers its kicking off, Uber is really the only well known name. So we can expect the platform to remain relatively ad-free until a broader roll out of the program.

Meanwhile, if all goes well, the attempt is sure to boost the company’s valuation which at the last reliable count, stood at $900 million back in 2014.

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