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You Can Now Preview tvOS Applications Over The Web

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Apple has at long last, brought out the Web preview feature for applications on the tvOS and Apple TV apps are now showing up in web preview mode with screenshots and other details.

The web preview mode means that you can now check out the details of tvOS applications on the web — rather like how apps on Google Play or Apple Store can be previewed elsewhere.

So Users can get on to the web using a device other than the Apple TV, and check out the details of different tvOS apps. While the addition is not something to get very excited about, it does give you an interesting way to pass the time while travelling.

The addition may also be consequence of the operating system maturing.

Although web links for the tvOS applications already existed, they were quite limited in usefulness and did not provide either screenshots or a download link. While the former has been corrected, download links have yet to appear.

Interestingly enough, only native tvOS apps are showing up on the webpage as of now. Universal applications with a Apple TV version still dont have a slot on the webpage, however, that may simply be an oversight.

Meanwhile, you can now browse applications from a third party web browser or by visiting this page.

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