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Twitter Launches First View In India To Help Advertisers Grab Top Spots On Your Twitter Timeline

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Twitter has introduced its new advertising tool called First View in India with Tata Motors becoming the first brand to use it. First View allows businesses and marketers to promote their brand through creative videos which are placed on the top of a user’s timeline for a 24-hour period.

The feature was first launched in the US in February and is now available in 29 countries including the following Asia Pacific markets — Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

The idea behind First View is to allow brands and advertisers to take the most valuable advertising spot on Twitter for a 24 hour period. This will help them target their audience as soon as they login their Twitter accounts and see the promoted ad video on the top.

At present, only videos are allowed to be used in First View but according to a spokesperson of Twitter, the company is considering to expand to other tweet types as well in the future.

Commenting on the launch of First View in new regions, Maya Hari, Senior Director for Product Strategy and Sales, for Asia Pacific, Latin America, and emerging markets, said,

Audiences today demand video content. With First View, marketers have the ability to connect with their audience through richer forms of communication and creative content, while ensuring that they are constantly top-of-mind on their feeds.

Twitter has not disclosed the pricing plans for First View tool but given the fact that it assures a top spot on a user’s timeline, even the high pricing would not be a deterrent to prominent advertisers.

Advertisers have often complained about the less time an average user normally spends while browsing through his/her Twitter’s timeline. By assuring that a user would see their ads on the top as soon as they login can attract more advertisers to Twitter for marketing their products or services.

Since First View demands only video ads, the first use case which immediately strikes to the mind is of the entertainment industry as most movie promotional campaigns are today extensively carried on social media platforms.

And rightly so. In the UK region, Universal Studios was the first brand to use First View to promote their movie called The Huntsman: Winter’s War. In the US region also,20th Century Fox used First View to distribute the trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

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