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With The New Email Merging Feature And 30 Years Archival Feature, India’s Xgen Plus Is Doing To Enterprise Email What Gmail Couldn’t

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XgenPlus is one of the best email services out there. Backed by Jaipur based Data Infosys Limited, the email  is known for its unique security and accessibility features that are just the thing for corporate communications. Well, the company has introduced a couple of other significant features including email merging capabilities.

Yes sir, the company has Integrated its email service with the ability to merge emails — something, which can come in handy in a wide variety of situations, and a feature which can tank down both Gmail and Microsoft in the enterprise mailing domain. Xgen’s secured network and anti-spam filter are already something, which the company boasts are better in technology as compared to even Blackberry.

Think about it this way, assume you have an employee A and another employee B working in your organization. Now, say A absolutely has to go somewhere for a couple of weeks, when he was bang in the middle of a very important project that required communication with an external party.

Well, what do you do? Short of tying A to his chair, the only option left is to shift the project, along with all the attendant communication to another employee B. However, doing such a seemingly simple task can be a pain in the neck — which is exactly what XgenPlus’s new feature has set out to simplify.

Using the email merging capabilities provided with Xgen’s email service, the administrator can merge two email accounts, or in case the said mail also contains personal or irrelevant communication, two or more folders of different email accounts, letting the communication flow uninterrupted.

So A can take his holiday and B can handle the project, without missing a beat — all thanks to the brand new, email merger feature. And it doesn’t even require the admin to be a rocket scientist. A few clicks and you are done.

Also, in another quite useful addition, the servers have received the ability to restore emails after deletion. Admit it — it has happened to all of us — we have managed to accidentally deleted important emails at one point of time or other.

And sometimes we go even further and remove the emails from trash as well. However, XgenPlus’s latest feature has brought the ability to restore emails even after they are deleted from trash — by keeping them on the servers, ready to be restored.

Talking exclusively to The Tech portal about this new feature, XGen Plus developer and Data Infosys CEO, Dr. Ajay Data said,

This kind of innovation proves that we can do better then international companies like  Gmail and Microsoft and Make In India dream of our prime minister can be reality.

BSNL users are already availing this facility, wherein customers with a domain extension as their email id can archive and subsequently retrieve their emails for as long as 30 years. The company is already hosting  7 million BSNL emails accounts, making it India’s largest enterprise email service provider.

And that is just one of the many features recommending the XgenPlus email servers, which can be plugged directly into the existing IT infrastructure of your company. Without needing any extra hardware or software.

The company counts the likes of Tata Consultancy Services, Rajasthan Police, Paytm and BSNL among its major clients. You can click here to learn more about the service, or visit XgenPlus’s official website right here.

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