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‘I Suppose They Are not Making Any Job Cuts Here’ : Intel’s Thaine Creitz On Layoffs’ Impact In India

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The market has been abuzz with rumors for past few day,s regarding a massive job cut at Intel which may leave thousands of people jobless. However, on a contrary note, India will not only remain unaffected by that but will also see an exponential growth in investments from Intel.

The same was revealed by Thaine Creitz, Director of consumer technical marketing at Intel during Intel technology and innovation tour India 2016.

Intel is expected to have a double-digit layoff across spectrum of its business, particularly in the area of traditional PCs which has been declining globally due to the emergence of tablets, smartphones, and wearables.

Beginning soon after the declaration of first quarter financial results by Intel today, the layoff may take place globally and completed by the end of this year. These media reports surfaced and gained strength further after two key executives left their positions at Intel in the US last week.

However, Creitz told reporters that it was a result of company efforts to bring stability to executive staff and it was an opportunity to move on to new roles as Intel was planning to bring in new executives.

On the question of job cuts in India, Creitz said that the number of retailers and opportunities were growing in India. He even expressed a possibility of an exponential increase in investments in future especially to support Digital India initiative of the government.

I hope the company grows in India and I suppose they are not making any job cuts here.

said Creitz to the reporters in New Delhi.

Intel has been showcasing a number of diverse devices (notebooks, smartphones, tablets, and convertibles) powered by its modern 6th generation processors at the ongoing Intel technology and innovation tour.

Creitz talked about better performance and graphics, extended battery life and increased mobility with half the size and weight in these new devices due to Intel’s 6th generation processors.

Other processors such as  Intel CORE, COREm, and ATOM processors are also being showcased catering to different user needs and segments.

Due to decreasing PC market, Intel is now focussing on the new generation of devices which include wearables, tablets, smartphones, etc.

The emergence of devices like wearables actually gives a platform to enjoy the experience. We are definitely branching out to launch very specific products like sensors in all kind of new markets,

said Creitz  as he talked about new platform innovations.

These include Intel Optane technology for high performance, Thunderbolt 3.0 for lightning fast transfer of data (40 Gb in 30 seconds), and Intel IRIS for better rendering of high-resolution games and 4K videos.

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