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Apple Might Rebrand OS X To MacOS In The Next Release

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It seems like Apple is looking to change the OS X nameplate it currently has for its Mac operating system. And if the rumors are true the new name —  very predictably — may be MacOS.

The signs have been there for a year now. First, Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schillerfirst talked about nomenclature changes at the WWDC last year in an interview with John Gruber. However, he was quite vague and did not use specific terms.However, the real hint of the possible change came when a configuration file was diacovered to have a name of macOS.

Now it may havw been simply a oversight, but when you are dealing with Apple, oversights are a extremely rare occurence. The third and the most concrete hint yet, came with a web page on Apple’s own website using the term MacOS instead of OS X to describe some of Apple’s environmental initiatives.

Now you can call this a co-incidence as well, but in my humble personal capacity, i will beg to differ.

There are actually a couple of other things that strenghten the notion of a name change in the cards. Consider this for example: iPhones run iOS, the Apple TV  runs tvOS, and the Apple Watch runs watchOS. So what platform should the Mac rock? Yes, MacOS.

Also, Apple actually started out with Mac in its name. The successor to Mac OS 9 was called OS X with Apple getting rid of the Mac. Since then — and it was a few years ago — the company has released multiple updates for the OS X, yet has stuck to the same old name.

So yes, in case you have an Apple, you may soon have MacOS replace the ancient X. Unless the company does it earlier, expect the change to occur at the WWDC in June, which is when iOS 10 will also be announced.

I wonder if the name change will occur alongside a brand new update for the Mac operating system?

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