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TapChief, A Platform Which Lets You Schedule One-On-One Calls With Industry Experts, Raises $150K From Vijay Shekhar Sharma

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TapChief, the PitchOff Season 3 finalist startup which helps people in getting professional advice in any domain via our simple, humble phone call, has secured a funding of $150K (INR 1 Crore) from PayTm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

The funding was received as the result of winning a contest called “Chase Your Dreams- Ideathon’ Contest” organised by Mind Batteries. Mind Batteries is a company focused on revolutionising the way things are being taught by infusing entertainment into education through quizzing, contests, on ground events, videos, etc.

The Bengaluru-based startup was founded this year itself by BITS Pilani graduate Shashank Murali along with Binay Krishna Shivam, Arjun Krishna Vasisht. TapChief is a platform to discover and schedule calls with industry experts to get advice on critical business and career decisions.

The paltform leverages technology to make the process of discovery seamless and provide end to end service in terms of scheduling and executing the phone calls. It has experts from 1400+ organisations with 6000+ skillsets ranging from verticals such as HR, Banking, Finance, Technology etc.

Tapchief is an immensely simple and a rather intuitive app to use, without any hassles — exactly the way such apps and platform should be. There are three steps to get your query answered by any expert on TapChief- Discover, Schedule, and Connect.

A user can browse through a list of experts by going through a number of domains/areas available for guidance. One can also search for the required area using smart tags and choose the relevant expert.

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Once the user has selected an expert, he/she can send a short description about his query or problem to that expert. The user also has to suggest three possible timings about when he would like to schedule a phone call meeting with the expert.

If request of the user is expected by the expert, both parties will receive an automatic phone call via TapChief platform at the designated time which is capped at 15 mins.

The company’s mission behind this platform, is to connect individuals and startups with experts and industry professionals so that they can receive proper guidance and mentorship despite having no prior connections and contacts with anyone in the industry.

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