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Facebook Unveils 360 Degree Surround Camera At Its F8 Event

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Facebook’s F8 conference is proving to be every bit as exciting as we were hoping. The company has today unveiled a brand new reference design for a 360 degree,  high-end video capture system that interestingly enough, looks like a flying saucer.

Dubbed as Facebook Surround 360, the system deploys a 17-camera system which is backed by a web-based software. The complete setup is ideal for capturing images in 360 degrees and rendering them automatically.

The device comes  14 wide-angle cameras and three fish-eye cameras, one on the top and two on the bottom of the system. This rather peculiar arrangement lets the device capture the surroundings without showing the pole holding up the camera.

Although its far too early to say anything for certain, the device appears to be pretty nearly the last word in 360 degree recording at the moment. Apart from fabulous recording mechanisms, the  cameras can also work for “many hours” without overheating.

The videos created using this system can be viewed on Gear VR, Oculusa nd even inside the Facebook app. As Chris Cox, chief product officer at Facebook told reporters on Monday,

There’s something about how high-quality the experience is that immediately makes you believe in360 film.

Well, considering Facebook’s surging interest into video content on all sorts — such as Live Videos, Video ads etc. — means that the 360 surround video was to be expected. However, the company has no plans for turning it into manufacturing business.

The company has also announced its plans to put the details of the camera as an open-source project on GitHub by this summer. However, attempt to build one only if you have somewhere around $30,000 stashed somewhere.

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